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China ABC
Culture ABC
Troupes Subordinated to Ministry of Culture
· China Children's Art Theater · China National Peking Opera Company
· National Theater Company of China · China Opera and Dance Drama Theater
· China National Music Orchestra · National Ballet of China
Songs & Dances
·Liuzhou Song and Dance Troupe of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
·Hunan Song and Dance Theatre
·Anhui Song and Dance Ensemble
·Chongqing Song and Dance Ensemble
·Shenzhen Song and Dance Ensemble
·Huanghe Children's Arts Troupe of Gansu Province

Symphonies & Folk Music
·Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra
·The Buddhist Music Troupe of The Labrang Monastery
·The China Philharmonic Orchestra
·Macao Chamber Orchestra
·Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
·Zhu Zongqing Percussion Band

·China Disabled People's Arts Troupe
·Zhejiang Quyi Acrobatics Troupe
·Gansu Folk Art Troupe
·Hailun People's Art Theater of Heilongjiang Province
·Lhasa Municipal Ethnic Art Troupe
·Caravan Art Troupes of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

·Godot Theatre Company
·The Nanjing Municipal Drama Troupe
·Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center
·The Guangzhou Drama Troupe
·Beijing Children's Art Theater Inc Co
·Beijing People's Art Theater

Operas & Dance Dramas
·Shanghai Opera Theater
·Liaoning Opera House
·Guangdong Opera and Dance Drama Theater
·Chongqing Municipal Opera Theater
·Opera Troupe of Gansu Province
·Dunhuang Art Theater of Gansu

·China Acrobatic Troupe
·Wuhan Acrobatics Troupe
·Hebei Acrobatic Troupe
·Yunnan Acrobatic Troupe of China
·Jiangxi Acrobatics Troupe
·Acrobatic Troupe of Gansu Province

Peking Opera
·Beijing Peking Opera Theater
·Tianjin Peking Opera Theater
·Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre
·Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe
·Peking Opera Troupe of Gansu Province
·Chongqing Municipal Peking Opera Troupe

Other Local Operas
·China Pingju Opera Theatre
·Shenzhen Yueju Opera Troupe
·Sichuan Opera Theater of Sichuan Province
·Guangxi Zhuangju Opera Troupe
·Guangzhou Yueju Opera Troupe
·Guangdong Yueju Opera Theater

Kunqu Opera
·Zhejiang Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Art Theater
·Hunan Kunju Opera Troupe
·The Kunju Opera Theatre of Jiangsu Province
·Shanghai Kunju Opera Troupe
·North Kunqu Opera Theater

Puppet & Shadow Plays
·The Puppet Troupe of Guangdong Province
·Puppet and Shadow Art Troupe of Hunan Province
·Yangzhou Municipal Puppet Troupe
·Tangshan Municipal Shadow Puppet Company
·China Puppet Show Troupe

·Quyi Art Troupe of Sichuan Province
·Chongqing Municipal Quyi Art Troupe
·Guangdong Music and Ballad Company
·Xiamen Municipal Nanyue Ensemble
·Inner Mongolia Folk Art Troupe
·Quyi Art Troupe of Shanxi Province

·Tianqiao Theater
·Auditorium of Cultural Palace for Ethnic Communities
·Century Theater & Century Performance Company
·Shanghai Grand Theater
·Beijing Poly Theater
·China Theater





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