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China ABC
Culture ABC
Culture ABC - Folk Way
·The Zhongshan suit: Timeless Chinese style
·The Lightest Silk Clothing
·The Vicissitudes of Shanghai Style Costume
·Traditional Beijing Costumes
·Republic of China
·Qing Style
·Waist Hoops: the Favorite of De'ang Girls
·Jiedexiu: Homeland of Tibetan Pulu Fabrics

·Tu Ethnic Minority
·She Ethnic Minority
·Sani Women
·Miao Ethnic Group
·Mongolian Women
·Manchu Hairstyle
·Lahu Ethnic Minority
·Fuzhou Women

Shoes & Hats
·Life Etiquette and Shoes
·Embroidered Shoes: Making a Comeback
·Wooden Sandals
·Manchu Shoes and Chromatic Plumes on the Head
·Evolution of Caps in China
·Peaked Hat of Jino Ethnic Minority
·Little White Cap and Gaitou of Huis
·Colorful Cap

·Zhongyuan Festival
·Mid-Autumn Festival: A Time for Reunion
·Chinese Valentine's Day
·Spring Festival
·Double Ninth Festival
·Dragon Boat Festival
·Tomb Sweeping Festival
·Laba Festival

Ethnic Festival
Ethnic Costumes

Ethnic Marriage
·Axi, a Branch of Yi
Ethnic Food


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