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Culture ABC - Archeology
Archeological Findings before 1999
·Ding Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty
·Capital Dadu of Yuan
·Capital of Guge Kingdom
·Mausoleums of Kings of Western Xia
·Site of Celadon Kiln at Longquan
·Tomb of Princess of Chen State in Liao Dynasty
·Tombs of Song Dynasty at Baisha
·Two Mausoleums of State of Southern Tang
·Capital City Longquanfu of State of Bohai
·Graveyard at Astana

Top Ten Archeological Findings of 2003
·Top Ten Archeological Findings of 2003
·Tomb of the Liao Dynasty in Tuerji Mountain
·Royal Kilns in Jingdezhen
·City Ruins of the Yuan Dynasty in Jining
·Site of North Sima Gate in Shaanxi Province
·Tomb of the Jin Dynasty beside Xiyan Pool
·A Han Tomb and Earthenware Kilns in Shandong
·Bronze Workshops in Zhouyuan
·Bronze Cache in Yangjia Village, Shaanxi
·Dashigu City Site in Henan Province

Top Ten Archeological Findings of 2004
·Top Ten Archeological Discoveries in 2004
·Ruins of a Brewery in Sichuan Province
·Ruins of an Imperial Street in Zhejiang Province
·Two Southern Han Tombs in Guangdong Province
·Ruins of a Palace Wall Gate in Liaoning Province
·Tombs of the Yue State in Jiangsu Province
·Tanheli Site in Hunan Province
·Xiaohe Site at Lop Nor in Xinjiang
·Palatial Site at Erlitou in Henan Province
·Tomb Site at Qingliang Temple in Shanxi Province

Top Ten Archeological Findings of 2005
·Top 10 Archeological Findings in 2005
·Datong Relics in Shanxi Province
·Sanyangzhuang Relics in Henan Province
·Jurong and Jintan Relics in Jiangsu Province
·Liangdaicun Relics in Shaanxi Province
·Hengshui Relics in Shanxi Province
·Maoershan Relics in Fujian Province
·Liuzhuang Relics in Henan Province
·Zhongshui Relics in Guizhou Province
·Gaomiao Relics in Hunan Province

Top Ten Archeological Findings in 2006
·Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of 2006

Top Ten Archeological Findings in 2007
·Lingjing Paleolithic Site, Xuchang Henan Province
·The New Tanghu Site, Henan Province
·Liangzhu cultural old city ruins,Zhejiang Province
·Liaowadian Subsidiary Site, Xun County, Hubei Province
·Xingyang Guandimiao site of Henan
·Li Zhou'ao Ancient Tomb in Jing'an
·The Dongheigou Site in Balikun of Xinjiang
·Imperial Tombs of Eastern Han Dynasty and the Mausoleum in Mangshan
·The Jin Dynasty and Sixteen Kingdoms-Style Brick Tomb in Kuqa County of Xinjiang
·Tomb of Yuan Gu and Gu'an Graveyard of Eastern Wei and Northern Qi


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