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China ABC
Culture ABC
Ministry of Culture

· Introduction

The highest cultural administrative organ in China is the Ministry of Culture, which is a functioning ministry under the State Council and is in charge of cultural and artistic undertakings throughout the country.

·Leaders of the Ministry of Culture
·Information Center
·Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage
·Bureau for Cultural Services
·Bureau for Retired Personnel
·Bureau for External Cultural Relations
·Department of Cultural Industry
·Department of Education and Sciences
·Office of the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection at Ministry of Culture Bureau of the Ministry of Supervision at Ministry of Culture
·Arts Department
·Department of Personnel
·Department of Planning and Finance
·China State General Sports Administration
·Ministry of Education
·State Administration of Radio, Film and Television
·General Administration of Press and Publications
Culture Sections
·Culture Sections of Chinese Embassies in Asia
·Culture Sections of Chinese Embassies in Europe
·Culture Sections of Chinese Embassies in Oceania
·Culture Sections of Chinese Embassies in America
·Culture Sections of Chinese Embassies in Africa

·NAGA Prime Film Tech Co., Ltd.
·Wenhua Library Development Company
·China Xiangyu Cultural Development Center
·Huahan International Cultural Development Company
·China Culture and Art Corporation
·China International Cultural Tourism Agency

Central Affiliated
·China Arts and Entertainment Group
·Newspaper Office of China Relics
·Cultural Relics Publishing House
·China Cultural Relics Exchange Center
·China Relics Research institute
·Lu Xun Museum
·The National Museum of China
·Culture and Art Puhlishing House
·The Palace Museum
·Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall
·China Art Gallery
·Oriental Song and Dance Ensemble

Social Groups
·Chinese Dancers Association
·Chinese Quyi Artists Association
·Chinese Television Artists Association
·Chinese Acrobats Association
·Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association
·Chinese Calligraphers Association
·Chinese Photographers Association
·Chinese Musicians Association
·China Artists Association
·Chinese Theatre Association
·Chinese Film Association
·Chinese Writers Association


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