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· Sci-Tech

The development speed of China's science and technology in the previous 100 years was regarded as unprecedented. By early 21st century, China has remarkably narrowed the gap in general between its development level of high technology and the world's advanced level.
Sci Tech in Modern Times
·Social Sciences
·Top 10 Advances in Science and Technology in 2005

New and High Technology Industries
·Information Industry
·New and High-Tech Development Zones

Modern Elites
·Li Siguang
·Yang Xiangzhong
·Mathematician: Gu Chaohao
·First Chinese Man in Space--Yang Liwei

Ancient Achievements
·Books on Metallurgy
·Tie Guan
·Iron Making History in China
·Four Great Inventions of Ancient China -- Compass

Ancient Scientists
·Zhan Tianyou
·Ximen Bao
·Shen Kuo
·Shen Nong Shi






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