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Hailun People's Art Theater of Heilongjiang Province


Hailun People’s Art Theater is one of the earlier state-owned theaters in Heilongjiang Province. Founded in 1947 and originally named Hailun Drama Society, it changed its name into Hailun People’s Theater in the second year after the founding of the new China in 1949. In 1959 a new theater was built covering an area of 6,321 square meters, which at that time was the largest in scale and the best in facilities among all the county-level theaters in Heilongjiang Province. It was then made up of Song and Dance Troupe, Peking Opera Troupe and Pinju Opera Troupe. The theater was changed into Hailun CountyPinjuTroupe in 1963, giving priority to Pinjuperformances. Hailun County Pinju Troupe and Hailun County Folk Art Troupe incorporated into Hailun County People’s Art Theater, performing mainly northeastern local drama. It was again changed into its present name as Hailun People’s Art Theater after Hailun became a city in 1990.

At present, Hailun People’s Art Theater has one institute and two troupes with a work force of 71 people divided into groups of art design, performing, stage art and the orchestra. Excellent in editing, directing and performing, Hailun People’s Art Theater ranks high among all the troupes in the province.

Since the reform and opening-up in the 1980s, Hailun People’s Art Theater has won various art awards totaling 150 times and staged more than 3,500 performances. Its main repertoires include song-and-dance duets likeMatchmaking Rabbit,Mother and Daughter,Jinniu Persuade His Sister in Law,Visit Father of the Bride, andPhoenix Coming to Village; monodramas likeStealing the Herb,Simple-minded Cattle-herding Woman;yangge(a kind of popular rural folk dance) likeHerd the Cattle; and finally double leading-role drama likeHusband and Wife Competing for Lamp.


Address: Guanghua Road, Hailun Town, Hailun City of Heilongjiang Province

Tel: 0455-5722340   0455-5741193

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