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Lhasa Municipal Ethnic Art Troupe


Lhasa Municipal Ethnic Art Troupe
The Lhasa Municipal Ethnic Art Troupe was founded in 1994.

The art troupe collected and rearranged traditional Tibetan folk music, dance, quyi performance which have been popular in the region for centuries, such as dances Joyful Herdsmen, Beating Aga, The Reba People, Joy of the Artists and Zhaxi Dele; zhega, story-telling of the legendary King Gesaer, six-string plucked instrument performance; instrumental folk music suite Auspicious Nine-tier Sky.

The troupe's prize-winning programs include Auspicious Nine-tier Sky, large-scale ethnic clothing song and dance performance Caprice of the Arts in the Snowy Land.

The art troupe has toured the United States, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Span, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Hungary and Taiwan region.

The art troupe boasts many talented ethnic actors and actress such as the famous Tibetan cross-talk performer Tudeng.

Address: Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region

Post code: 850000

Tel: (0891) 6325314

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