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· Government

The Chinese Communist Party is the ruling party of the People's Republic of China. China possesses a multi-party, consultative system of government that operates under the leadership of the Communist Party.

· State Leadership Lineup

The new state leadership  was elected at the 12th National People's Congress in March, 2013. Xi Jinping was reelected as President of the People's Republic of China, and Li Keqiang Premier of China's State Council.

National Symbols
·China's World Best
·China in Brief
·National Day

Parties and Election
·The Election System
·Social Organizations in China
·Non-Communist Parties in China
·The Communist Party of China

Governmental Structure
·Organs of Self-government of National Autonomous Areas
·Local People's Governments
·Local People's Congresses
·Supreme People's Court

Legal System
·Amendments to the Constitution
·Constitution of China
·Marriage Law of China
·The Judicial System

·State Leadership Lineup
·Xi Jinping
·Li Keqiang





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