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China ABC
Culture ABC
Culture ABC - Character
·Genesis of Chinese Numbers
·Emperor Qinshihuang Unified Chinese Characters
·History of Chinese Characters
·Cangjie Creating Chinese Characters

·Characters and Augury
·Chinese Characters and Riddles
·Chinese Characters and Architecture
·Chinese Characters and Chinese Era
·Chinese Characters and Buddhism
·Partial Tones of Chinese Characters
·Eight Strokes in the Character Yong
·Grapheme of Chinese Characters
·Characters Related to Metrology
·Characters Indicating Colors
·Characters Indicating Plants
·Characters Indicating Animals

·Chinese Calligraphy
·Writing Brush
·History of Seal Engraving
·Calligraphy, the Soul of Chinese Fine Arts
·Evolution of Writing Utensils
·Vulgar Style Script
·Regular Script
·Cursive Hand
·Running Hand
·Official Script
·Lesser Seal Script
·Greater Seal Script


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