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China ABC
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Culture ABC - Film
·Chinese Animation shows World it has Midas Touch
·Centennial of China's Kung Fu Film
·China's Independent Film
·Chinese Puppetry: More Than Child's Play

Representative Films
·Farewell, My Concubine
·Three Monks
·Ashima -- Song and Dance Film of Minority
·Folk Opera Film: A Dream of Red Mansions
·Celebrating the New Year
·Hibiscus Town
·In The Wild Mountain Depicts Post-Reform Life
·My Memories of Old Beijing
·At Middle Age
·The Storms of 1894-1895
·The Red Detachment of Women
·The White-Haired Girl

·Director Wong Karwai
·Zhang Ziyi: An Uprising Star
·Chen Zhong -- Filming the Margin of Society
·Gu Changwei and His Peacock
·The Fifth Generation of Chinese Directors
·Director Wu Ziniu


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