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China ABC
Culture ABC
Culture ABC - Painting
·Women in Chinese Painting
·The Imperial Painting Academy
·Chinese Ancient Painting
·Chinese Painting
·Sea School Painters
·Formation of New Aesthetic Standard for Scholar Paintings
·Formation of Ink Free Sketches
·Wumen Painting School
·Prevalence of Scholar Paintings
·Painting in Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty
·Golden Age of Flower-Bird Painting
·Landscape Painting in China

·A Cultural Symbol - China's New Year Picture
·Chinese Peasant Painting
·Decoding Chinese Oil Painting
·Art of Chinese Fans
·China's Cartoon
·Flower on Tibetan Plateau
·Chinese Mosaic Lacquer Paintings
·Dongba Painting
·Mural Painting Art
·Egg tempera
·Painting on Glass
·Interior Painting

Artists and Works
·Paintings by Giuseppe Castiglione
·Qi Baishi, Artist of the People
·Xu Beihong, Pioneer of Contemporary Realistic Painting
·The Eight Eccentric Painters of Yangzhou
·Skillful Court Lady Painters
·Wu Daozi, Sage in Chinese Painting
·Dunhuang Murals
·Lei Zhongxun, a painter of the West Regions
·Xu Bochu: An Artist Who Links Arts with Sciences
·The Gifts of a Legendary Artist
·Wang Jianhua: art with bronze wire
·Painter of Great Men: Wei Chuyu


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