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General Administration of Press and Publications


The General Administration of Press and Publications (GAPP) controls print publications and the distribution of news to both print and Internet publications. GAPP is the body that approves publication licenses for periodicals and books. News regulation is often done in concert with the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the Publicity Department, the State Council Information Office and Xinhua.

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Address: No. 85,Dongsi South Avenue,Beijing,China

Postal code: 100703

Tel: 86-10-65124433

1. Administrative responsibilities

To draft laws and regulations concerning press, publications and copyright; conduct research and draw up principles and policies for the press and publication sector; draft regulations and important administrative measures for management of press, publications and copyright, and organize the implementation, supervision and inspection of these regulations and measures.

To work out development plans, overall controlling targets and industry policies for the press and publication sector, and direct their implementation; participate in drafting economic policies and related regulations for the press and publication sector.

To examine and approve the establishment of new publishing houses (including book presses, audio-visual presses, electronic publication presses, newspaper offices, and periodical offices, the same below) and general distribution units for publications (including books, newspapers, periodicals, audio and video products, and electronic publications etc., the same below); examine and approve the founding of audio and video production and electronic publication copying agencies, newspaper groups, collective management of copyright and agent offices dealing with imported publications; and approve the founding of Sino-foreign joint ventures and cooperative enterprises in the fields of press and publication.

To supervise and manage press and publication activities, including publishing, printing, copying and distribution of publications; and severely deal with contraband publications transgression activities in publishing, printing, copying, and distribution units.

To supervise and manage the printing industry.

To draft overall controlling policies and regulations of the publication market, and direct their implementation; investigate and deal with or organize the investigation and handling of illegal publishing and illegal publications; draft principles, policies and plans for the fight against pornography and illegal publications; and coordinate steps in fighting against pornography and illegal publications and in carrying out investigations and handling important and serious cases.

To be responsible for the management of publishing and duplicating audio and video products.

To organize and direct the publishing and distribution of textbooks, important documents of the Party and state, and other important publications.

To manage the work of copyright, organize investigation and handling of serious copyright infringement cases, and cases involving foreign countries; represent the country to handle copyright relations with other countries; organize and participate in negotiation and signing of bilateral or multi-lateral treaties and agreements concerning copyright, and their implementation inChina.

To be responsible for the work related to external exchanges and cooperation in the fields of press, publication and copyright, and manage and coordinate the import and export of books, newspapers, periodicals and electronic publications.

To be responsible for planning compilation and publishing of ancient books.

To compile and formulate scientific and technological development plans and standardization plans for the press and publication sector, and organize the implementation; and, organize and coordinate scientific and technological work in the sector.

To compile and formulate plans for training managers for the press, publication and copyright sector, and organize the implementation; and be responsible for national citation and rewarding activities for the management work of the press, publications, and copyright.

To undertake work assigned by the State Council.

2. Internal Setup

General Office, Book Publishing Management Department, Newspaper and Magazine Publishing Department, Department for the Management of Audio and Video Products and Electronic Publications, Department for the Management of Publication Distribution, Department for the Management of Printing Industry, Personnel and Education Department, External Cooperation Department, Copyright Management Department.

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