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State Administration of Radio, Film and Television


The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) regulates broadcast media and films and sometimes has a say in the control of other types of news media. SARFT has published regulations requiring all online video to be subject to SARFT approval; these rules in the wake of SARFT's successful monopolization of control of IP TV and other forms of Internet based transmission of moving images.

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Address: No.2 Fuxingmenwai Street, Beijing 100866, PRC



  Study and stipulate the guiding principles and policies for radio and TV publicity, play creation for films and TV programs, and guide reforms of the management system of radio, film and television.

  Study and draft laws and regulations on the management of radio, film and TV cause; stipulate management regulations of radio, film and TV as well as development plans for the course; supervise on and manage receiving and recording of radio, TV and satellite TV programs, as well as audio and video programs transmitted online to the public; supervise on the import, and censor the contents of radio and TV programs for broadcasting and showing in Chinese radios and TV stations.

 Approve the establishment of radio and TV broadcasting institutions at or above the county-level, and the studios for film, radio programs and TV plays; issue the casting and showing certificates for films, and the making and release certificates for TV plays.

  Manage the scientific and technological work for radio, film and TV, set up technology-related policies and standards, guide high-tech research and development applications in the radio, film and TV system; study economic policies governing the field of radio, film and TV.

  Plan and manage the special radio and TV networks in accordance with the overall plan, macro policies and laws and regulations of the central government; work out specific policies, regulations and technical standards for the special networks, and guide the construction and development at different levels to guarantee the smooth broadcasting of radio programs and showing of TV plays; authorized by the Ministry of Information Industry, map out plans for the radio and TV special frequency ranges, and allocate radio and TV frequency (channels) and power as well as other technical specifications; participate in the stipulation of overall plans of the national information network. 

  Study and stipulate related prescriptions on foreign affairs of the radio, film and TV system; manage and guide the exchange and cooperation between the radios and TV stations with overseas counterparts especially those in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macao, Taiwan regions.

  Undertake other tasks entrusted by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

  Subordinate bodies reporting directly to SARFT:

China National Radio

China Radio International

China Central Television

SARFT coordinates with them and sensors their important propaganda activities, organized and manage the transmission coverage of their programs.   

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