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National Library of China


Address: N0. 39 Baishiqiao Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Post Code: 100081

Tel: (86-10) 68419270 FAX: (86-10) 68419271

The National Library of China, founded in 1909, is a cultural institution under the Ministry of Culture. Its construction area is 170.000square meters. 

Major duties and tasks: As a national library and China's general stack room, the National Library of China collects, processes, stores and spreads knowledges and information. Concretely, its tasks are: accept publications delivered by Chinese press houses, and collect, collate and store domestic and foreign books, magazines, information data and historical documents, making the library into a final base of books and information in China by means of new technologies such as epitome and computer; edit and publish national booklists (including review ones), lists of the United Nations, list of the library storage, cards, micro leaflets and disc tapes of unified national booklists, and do the work of the China branch of the ISDS, making the library into a national booklist center; provide document research and specialized consultants for Party and government organizations and readers by means of its storage and information searching technology; exchange scientific research experiences and spread scientific and cultural knowledge by means of book exhibitions and academic lectures; do document research, release and report its storage and improve the academic level of its work in all aspect; do theoretic and technological research of the library science and publish books on library and in formation sciences, making itself into a national data center of library science; research and apply modern technologies and play the role of center and hub in the construction of China's modernization and standardization of libraries and library networks; coordinate work of libraries and serve the development of libraries in the country; carry out provisions in Sino-foreign cultural agreements, bear the duty of international book exchanges and borrowing and lending among libraries, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international library community and participate in the library information activities of related international organizations; and train library staff.

Establishment of institutions: Under the library, there is department of Chinese books, department of foreign books, department of book purchase, electronics information section, reading section, circulations department of ancient codes and books, rare-book collection department, newspaper, magazine and data department, China National Center of ISDS, technological service department, reference and tutor department, automatic development department, document copying department, national epitome and copy center of library documents, scientific research department, international exchange department, and management and administrative department. In addition, there is also a branch library, an education center and a press house.

Major achievements: The following books:Book Categorizing Method of Chinese Libraries, Major Chinese Words and Property Dictionary of Chinese Characters,and the technology of killing worms by means of freezing have won state- and provincial-level prizes.


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