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Universal appeal

2021-10-19 07:35

Leveraging the attraction of its new theme park, Beijing's Tongzhou district is set to develop its culture and tourism portfolio.

Yantai opens lotus reading room at local wetland park

2021-09-15 10:39

The Lotus Reading Room opened to the public at Pingshanhe Wetland Park in Penglai district, Yantai city, East China's Shandong province on Sept 11.

Helsinki plays starring role in Beijing Design Week

2021-09-03 09:13

The city of Helsinki in Finland announced that it will be this year's guest city for the largest design festival in Asia, Beijing Design Week.

Enjoying a high life of adventure

2021-09-03 07:25

Glamping in Shangri-La helps tourists discover a love for the great and challenging outdoors.

Pop culture adds new flavor to traditional Beijing pastries

2021-08-26 16:30

Recently, Beijing's time-honored snack brand Daoxiangcun launched Location Zero, a renovated store on Dongsi North Street.

Younger generation less enthusiastic about marriage

2021-08-14 09:30

As Niulang and Zhinyu (the cowherd and weaver lady) await their annual reunion at the approaching Qixi Festival-Chinese Valentine's Day-which falls on Saturday, young Chinese people seem to be disconsolate about being alone.

Designer toys appeal to China's young art lovers

2021-08-09 15:53

The 20-something junior in college Yi Cheng caressed his new "art collection," a nut-sized toy in the shape of a lion's head, at the Beijing Dream Fair earlier in July, a days-long bash for young Chinese art buffs.

China makes progress in creating wholesome fan culture

2021-08-03 10:38

China has made progress in creating a wholesome fan culture after special operations against law-breaking and improper acts in the world of entertainment fandom.

A makeup career that is more than just cosmetic

2021-07-22 08:15

Chen Yinli from Luyi county, Central China's Henan province, is grateful that she can indulge her passion for makeup and beauty, and at the same time earn a living.

Sidewalk parking does not need a crash course in common sense

2021-07-20 08:05

I consider myself to be a very tolerant person, and someone who tries to see the positive and optimistic side of whatever I am involved in. After all, there is no point to being intolerant and negative, as most people and ways of doing things have something useful to offer.

Green gems shine

2021-06-14 11:37

Guilin's famous karst mountains, clear waters complement cultural, culinary treats on road to global sustainable travel.

Wuzhong's favored ritual brews big bucks

2021-05-20 09:55

For over 300 days a year, 65-year-old Ma Jun starts his day at a restaurant serving morning tea, a local tradition similar to Cantonese dim sum or Western brunch.

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