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Bund 18 Jiushi Art Gallery holds new exhibition

2023-06-08 15:25

An ongoing exhibition at the Bund 18 Jiushi Art Gallery in Shanghai is featuring traditional Chinese art media and materials in a contemporary context. On show are creations made with materials like jade, lacquer, ceramic and metals.

Children's play is success story

2023-06-08 11:43

Forever Dinosaur Papa, a Chinese play for children, was staged in Beijing with 10 performances from June 1 to 5.

Artist in wheelchair inspires others facing challenges

2023-06-08 07:18

Ling Runzhi, 41, who has used a wheelchair ever since she was 6, listens to an online class about modern Chinese landscape painting with rapt attention.

Tale of intrigue and love in classic opera

2023-06-08 06:39

Chinese-Italian production of Tosca three years in making, Chen Nan reports.

Himalayan temple restorer scales new heights

2023-06-08 06:30

Architect Xia Yujun works at crossroads of modern engineering, history and religious culture, Yang Feiyue reports.

Documentary shows high hopes of mountain culture

2023-06-08 06:19

The final episode of the documentary series, Amid Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains, which tells the stories of rural vitalization within eight ethnic groups, aired on the video-sharing platform Mango TV on Tuesday.

Swinging back into action

2023-06-08 06:13

Across the Spider-Verse gathers a clutter of Spider-Men and Women for a thrilling sequel that its cast and crew hope will be a summer box-office smash, Xu Fan reports.

Series injects enthusiasm for medical legacy

2023-06-07 14:46

Gen Z, a TV series about traditional Chinese medicine, completed its first run on both Shanghai's Dragon Television and the streaming site Youku, igniting an interest in the country's centuries-old medical legacy among young viewers.

Modern humor used to introduce ancient comedians

2023-06-07 14:23

Museum's play about lives of long-ago jesters keeps history lively, Lin Qi reports.

Transformers premieres in iconic Great Wall resort

2023-06-07 12:07

The highly anticipated summer blockbuster, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, held its premiere earlier this week at Aranya Jinshanling, a resort and residence community located at the foot of a section of the Great Wall in Hebei province.

Village finds pride and development in tea

2023-06-07 11:11

A village in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province is tapping into its tea-growing tradition and Buddhist cultural heritage as it seeks to become a tourist destination.

Popular TV series revisits Beijing's iconic ice rink craze of 1970s

2023-06-06 10:53

Whizzing on the ice rink is one of the fondest winter memories for many Beijing natives. More than half a century ago, the Shichahai Ice Rink, in downtown Beijing, was the largest and most popular destination for young enthusiasts.

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