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Chinese elements debut at Wellington outdoor festival

2021-04-08 10:49

The China Cultural Center in Wellington joined New Zealand’s largest outdoor festival CubaDupa in Wellington from March 27-28.

Karakorum Highway is vital trade, travel artery between China, Pakistan

2021-04-06 17:35

At the age of 19, I had the honor to travel between China and Pakistan via the Karakorum Highway. During my study in China from 1980-1987, I used to travel back to Pakistan by the highway almost every year. Part of the road was still under construction or under repair due to damage caused by landslides and heavy rains. It was rather a long journey, yet adventurous and full of joy and entertainment. It provided me an opportunity to monitor nature closely and became part of my lifetime memories.

Images showcase Shanxi's beauty in Seoul

2021-04-02 15:36

An online photo exhibition displaying Shanxi's amazing natural and rich cultural resources was recently held by the China Tourism Office in Seoul.

Sanxingdui finds reflect similarities of Chinese, Maya cultures

2021-04-02 15:09

Discoveries at the legendary Sanxingdui ruins in Southwest China show that the region's ancient Shu state civilization shared similarities with the Maya, according to the director of the Chichen Itza archaeological site, Marco Antonio Santos.

Art exhibition marks 50 years of China-Chile friendship

2021-04-02 13:39

The year 2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relation between China and Chile. To celebrate the friendship of the two nations, an art exhibition organized by the Chinese embassy in Chile is currently underway.

TCM a healthy option for residents in Dhaka

2021-04-02 07:25

A Bangladesh clinic practicing traditional Chinese medicine has won trust and gratitude from its many patients.

Photographer from France snaps a few decades of change

2021-04-02 07:25

The moment when Yann Layma, a renowned French photographer, once again met Yang Naiqunjian, the subject of one of his photos taken in China 30 years ago, he was more than surprised.

Online exhibition on Yongding's tulou shown in S Korea

2021-04-01 10:31

These large, communal buildings made of earth are cultural landmarks of Yongding county in Longyan city in East China's Fujian province.

An American who sings China's stories

2021-04-01 07:25

Mark Levine is literally lending his voice to help the country and the rest of the world enhance mutual understanding,through his music, among other contributions.

30 years of change in China through lens of French photographer

2021-03-30 12:01

The moment when Yann Layma, a renowned French photographer, once again met Yang Naiqunjian, a character from his photos taken in China 30 years ago, he was more than surprised.

Chinese culture adorns New Zealand's largest street festival

2021-03-29 15:30

The Cuba Street Precinct in New Zealand's capital here has come alive over the weekend as Chinese lion dances and traditional Chinese music adorned New Zealand's largest outdoor arts and music festival CubaDupa.

Malawi youngsters flock to see films made in China

2021-03-26 07:25

Chinese movies have found popularity among the youth in Malawi. With a wide range of Chinese movies available in the country, many people can now enjoy Chinese entertainment in show halls, homes and through the internet.

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