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Mixing art and science

A domestic engineer turns to computer graphics design.

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Dancing through dementia

A dance-therapy program offers support to patients and their families.


A new play for audiences of one

Everyone at the reunion of primary school classmates was wondering where Martin disappeared to so many years ago.

Cultural Exchange

Enthusiasts of Chinese culture excel in contest

Leidy Exposito, a student from Havana's Confucius Institute, mounted the winners' podium in the recent 2021 Chinese Talent Contest in Latin America and the Caribbean as the event organizer earlier unveiled the list of victors.


Following their destiny

Documentary tells stories of ordinary people as they seek out their place in modern Chinese society, Wang Ru reports.


What's on

Late modern painter Liu Wenxi is often hailed as "an artist of the people", for his realistic style of painting that documented the lives of ordinary Chinese in the 20th century.