Two-man show seeks the rhythm of nature and truth of life
Dunhuang animation festival wraps up
Oil artist keeps pushing the frontier
Images show flowers in an artistic way
Cherry blossoms delight tourists in Guizhou
Swans forage in Hongcun village, NE China
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Chinese stories connect with the world

A love triangle between family members, parent-child disputes, which began airing on China Central Television's CCTV-8 channel and streaming on online video platform iQiyi's international section in April

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Social media digest

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun is trending once again in China, not for a fresh album or gig, but for her AI-cloned singing voice.

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Chinese League of Legends gamer works hard to stay on top

"I wanted to be known by more people when I chose this career path," said Bai Jiahao, also known as 369, an esports player for JD Gaming in China.

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Building hope out of adversity

Li Anqiang, then a high school student at Beichuan Middle School in Beichuan, one of the worst ravaged counties in the disaster, was in his physics class. The school building collapsed, leaving him buried in the ruins.

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Impressed by the real China

With a father fond of China constantly telling her of its great development potential, Jekaterina Volkova, 29, decided to come to study in China in 2015.


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Peng Wei is known for her works attempting to bring the tradition of ink-and-water paintings into the narratives of modern life.