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Dance academy and theater celebrate youth and performing art

2021 'Best Season to Travel' releases outstanding works

Outstanding works from the 2021 "Best Season to Travel" event was released in Beijing on Friday, which includes 10 short videos, 40 photographs and 26 organizations in tourism promotion.

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Art and science give exhibition a successful formula

Albert Einstein's admirers and Andy Warhol aficionados were able to find a common interest at a crossover art show held in Beijing, as Chinese scientists and artists joined hands to translate scientific ideas into perceptible artworks.

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Height of adventure

Ma Chunlin was beyond thrilled when he finally got the chance to take photos of Qomolangma, also known as Mount Everest, from various angles.


Millennium Dance Rhyme gets moving in Colombia

From Jan 6 to 13, the online performance "Millennium Dance Rhyme" was staged as a prelude to the programs "Happy Chinese New Year" and "Chinese Culture Month" in Colombia in 2022

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Private museum to focus on traditional artworks

The Jiudianshui Art Museum opened in the Caohejing Development Zone in Shanghai on Saturday. The name translates to "nine water drops".


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Over 160 sports-themed artworks are on show at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing in a warm up for the upcoming Winter Olympics.