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A lifelong passion for photography
Classic poem gets music video
A festival goes global
Mauritian students make Chinese New Year paper-cuts
Grand Chinese New Year celebration held in London

Share Chinese New Year short videos and win a trip to China

Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year, has become a global celebration. The 2019 Happy Chinese New Year video contest invites you to share short videos about Spring Festival celebrations in your country and compete to win a trip to China!

Palace Museum website crashes due to demand

"On the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year, I was thrilled to attend the Spring Festival exhibition at the Palace Museum. On Valentine's Day, I took leave and enjoyed the magnificent snow scenery with my boyfriend again at the Forbidden City. And tomorrow, I am ready for a night tour there," said Z

Time for some light entertainment

As the first full moon of the new year approaches, China prepares to celebrate Lantern Festival, Li Yingxue reports. 

Palace Museum to hold public nighttime events for Lantern Festival

During China's Lantern Festival in two days, the Palace Museum will allow late-night visits for the first time, according to the museum's website.

Spring Festival spreads joy around the world

A lion dance team in Southern California, mainly made up of Westerners, has impressed university professor Jia Wenshan.


Europe to see Tan Dun and Guangzhou orchestra perform for Spring Festival

Bringing together both Chinese and Western music classics for Chinese New Year, conductor Tan Dun and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra will tour European countries including Switzerland and Belgium.