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Painting exhibition ushers in the Year of the Rabbit in Luxembourg

2023-01-17 15:58

A work on show at Splendid Chinese New Year Paintings, an exhibit held at the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg. [Photo/official website of China Cultural Center in Luxembourg]Splendid Chinese New Year Paintings, an exhibit of 100 pieces of nianhua,or New Year paintings, kicked off on Jan 13 at the China Cultural Center in Luxemburg to unveil the Chinese New Year celebrations in the European country.

Paying tribute through art

2023-01-14 12:12

Art is a form of communication and painting making it an important way to record and illustrate events over time. Artists in China have used different methods to show their appreciation for workers on the front line of the fight against COVID-19.

Show puts women artists in the picture

2023-01-14 12:08

Tackling bias and prejudice, females increasingly demand a greater presence, reports Deng Zhangyu.

Branches used in foundation of ancient city uncovered

2023-01-14 12:07

Archaeologists in Central China's Henan province have uncovered a sprawling layer of mulberry and cypress branches, believed to be the foundation of an ancient city wall.

Artist finds the world is his stage

2023-01-14 12:05

Chinese heritage plays vital role in creative work of mastermind behind Olympic opening ceremony, Chen Nan reports.

Diagnosis of success for Iranian TCM advocate's healthy outlook

2023-01-14 12:04

University researcher writes about his China experience and benefits of ancient treatment

What's on

2023-01-09 07:49

Some 90 years ago, Lu Xun, the noted writer and avid collector of prints, set up a research unit for woodcuts in Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden's lantern show to light up festival

2023-01-06 08:20

One of the most anticipated entertainment events of the year, the annual Yuyuan Garden Lantern Show was unveiled last month and will last for 52 days, longer than previous editions, to allow more people to enjoy the colorful scenes.

Encouraging a festival atmosphere

2023-01-05 07:41

A series of global events to celebrate the traditions and culture of Chinese New Year is announced.


2022-12-24 11:33

The fifth Arabic Arts Festival opened in the city of Jingdezhen in East China's Jiangxi province on Monday.

HK stars offer acting training for the young in a reality show

2022-12-12 13:28

A reality show that invites established figures in Hong Kong's film industry including martial arts star Jackie Chan, director Tung-Shing Yee and actress Kara Wai to coach young actors and actresses has aired recently.

Counties in Yunnan aided with tourism projects

2022-12-07 15:48

Since 2003, China Tourism Group has put into about 61.93 million yuan ($8.86 million) in aid programs to Ximeng and Menglian counties in Pu'er city, Southwest China's Yunnan province, with 97 rural vitalization projects, benefiting over 200,000 locals.

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