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Opera star to shine in inspirational roles

2021-11-26 09:33

Han Zaifen, one of China's most acclaimed Huangmei Opera artists, brings two pieces to the capital, along with actors and actresses of Anqing Zaifen Huangmei Opera Art Theater.

Universal modernity

2021-11-26 09:29

Powerlong Museum is showing works of well-known Chinese and international artists, Zhang Kun reports in Shanghai.

Exhibition puts Chen Yifei's creative process in the frame

2021-11-26 09:26

A new exhibition in Shanghai is showing teaching material, sketches and draft paintings by the late artist Chen Yifei that reveal the early years of one of the most important artists in contemporary China.

Theater festival stages a comeback

2021-11-26 08:35

Wuzhen again hosts event in a celebration of innovation and drama, Cheng Yuezhu reports.

National Museum honors painter of note

2021-11-25 08:03

Late modern artist Liu Wenxi is often hailed as "the Chinese painter whose work has been viewed the most", because a portrait he made of Chairman Mao Zedong is featured on the bank notes of the fifth edition of the nation's currency, the renminbi, which has been in circulation since 1999.

Forging ahead

2021-11-25 08:03

Peking Union Medical College seeks to inspire future generations of students with a series of sculptures depicting prominent figures from its past, Lin Qi reports.

Famous artwork inspires dance

2021-11-25 08:02

Landmark painting given new lease of life by dedicated choreographers, Chen Nan reports.

Young tech influencers know the sky's the limit

2021-11-24 07:55

From robots to aircraft, a new generation is providing thrust for innovation, Wang Qian reports.

Students design fashion career

2021-11-24 07:54

University works with top brand to promote a modern and stylish 'China chic' look, He Qi reports in Shanghai.

Reality show looks to foster warm reception

2021-11-24 07:53

The Vicinity aims to rekindle the sense of community that shaped the nation's ethos by bringing together people from opposing lifestyles, Wang Kaihao reports.

Citic Press unveils Dunhuang calendar

2021-11-23 08:36

A Dunhuang calendar for the new year was recently published by China's Citic Press.

Fishing for a prosperous catch

2021-11-23 08:35

New method by farmers is helping harvest a tourism wave in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, Yang Feiyue reports.

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