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A refuge for bookworms & the broken-hearted

2021-01-16 12:22

A migrant worker's 12-year relationship with a local institution underscores the social importance of libraries

Jazzing up the music scene

2021-01-16 12:19

Venue hits the high notes as top performer pays homage to its influence in his career.

Hohhot bookstore honors grassland culture

2021-01-15 14:27

A newly opened bookstore in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autunomous region with an interior designed to honor the local grassland culture, has attracted many visitors recently. Featuring yurts and model horses, its stylish furniture and rich collection of books make it an ideal place to go during holidays!

NCPA to stage symphonic chorus extolling Beijing

2021-01-15 11:24

Beijing Cantata, a symphonic chorus inspired by the culture and architecture along the central axis of Beijing, will be staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on Friday and Saturday.

Artist offers hope in war-ravaged country

2021-01-14 10:48

Yemeni artist Rawya Ahmed opened her first personal exhibition in the Houthi-controlled Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

Exhibition in Shenzhen spotlights passion for Chinese zodiac

2021-01-14 07:46

A bull is a creature that works hard, toils, and does a lot of heavy lifting. Han Meilin, one of the most productive artists in China, often says: "I'm destined to work as hard as a bull throughout my life."

Weekly snapshot of Chinese cultural news

2021-01-11 11:07

More than 200 items and sets of imperial treasures including bronze ware, works of calligraphy and paintings dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) and collected by the Shenyang Palace Museum are on display at the National Museum of China in Beijing.

What's on

2021-01-11 07:32

Chinese poetic song-and-dance drama, The Greatest Spirit, will be staged by Sichuan Song and Dance Theater.

Brazilian street art brings new experience to Shanghai

2021-01-07 09:00

OSGEMEOS, a famous Brazilian street artist duo of twin brothers Gustavo Pandolfo and Otavio Pandolfo, opened their exhibition at the Shanghai Fosun Foundation on the last day of 2020. Titled You Are My Guest, the show will last till Feb 26.

Online project will chronicle nation's dance history

2021-01-06 07:42

Beijing Dance Academy will launch a yearlong project, Dance For People, in 2021, which will see 100 dance productions presented online.

What's on

2021-01-04 09:09

Han Meilin, 84, is one of the most prolific living artists in China. He works with various mediums and styles.

Live music performances set for the weekend

2020-12-24 16:40

Michał Ciesielski, composer and jazz pianist from Gdańsk, Poland, will perform at Jianghu Bar, a popular live house venue tucked away in a hutong in downtown Beijing on Sunday. Since 2018, the pianist has been teaching at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy and has been giving performances in the

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