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Shanghai Concert Hall unveils new 3D offering

2021-10-21 17:43

Shanghai Concert Hall premiered a new 3D mapping projection named "A Story of Sound and Light" alongside with an upgraded Chinese music production on Oct 20.

A world of music

2021-10-20 08:00

Global orchestra brings students and hobbyists together.

Dance spectacular to showcase tradition and history

2021-10-20 07:55

The 13th National Dance Exhibition will open in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Thursday. It will showcase 88 programs, which are to be performed in five theater venues in the cities of Guangzhou, Zhongshan and Jiangmen.

Museum brings trendy art works to young visitors in Beijing

2021-10-19 09:30

On Oct 15, the exhibition "Super Player" opened at Beijing Times Art Museum. The exhibition, organized by Beijing Times Art Museum and FAS Art Space, is divided into five sections.

China Fashion Awards held in Shanghai

2021-10-18 16:45

Nine fashion awards were given out at the 2021 China Fashion Awards held at the Shanghai Jing'an Sports Center on Oct 15 during the ongoing 2022 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week.

A new play for audiences of one

2021-10-18 07:45

Everyone at the reunion of primary school classmates was wondering where Martin disappeared to so many years ago.

What's on

2021-10-18 07:25

Late modern painter Liu Wenxi is often hailed as "an artist of the people", for his realistic style of painting that documented the lives of ordinary Chinese in the 20th century.

Chinese silk embroidery, sculpture exhibition held in Turkey to mark 50-year China-Turkey ties

2021-10-16 15:57

Chinese Silk Embroidery and Sculpture Exhibition was opened on Thursday at the Yenimahalle Municipality Nazim Hikmet Assembly and Art Center in Ankara, capital of Turkey.

Smart technologies help reshape coal mining industry in China

2021-10-16 15:56

With a few clicks on a smartphone, a giant machine roared to life and coal briquettes began to be transported to the surface of the conveyor belts.

Villagers reap a golden harvest

2021-10-16 13:32

In the plateau county of Nyima, the yearly average temperature stays at -4 C and herding is the main walk of life for most of its residents. But there is one exception-Ombu township, where two major lakes, Tangra Yumco and Tangqung Co, help create a rare climate for farming in the grasslands. One of the three holy lakes of the Bon religion in Tibet, Tangra Yumco covers an area of 1,400 square kilometers. The lakeshore, several hundred meters long, on the side of South Ombu village is a long strip of emerald green canopy, complementing the azure blue water in the lake.

A hands-on look at dancing

2021-10-16 13:30

Choreographer Liu Yan, who has used a wheelchair since an accident while rehearsing for the Beijing Olympics, has released a book based on groundbreaking research on dance gestures made from the wrist up.

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