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Suzhou: a Chinese-German student's travelogue of discovery

2024-04-10 07:47

As a Chinese-German student at Tsinghua University, I thought I had a good grasp of both Chinese culture and modernization.

Ancient tea embraces new flavor

2024-04-04 12:08

China is a nation of tea. The country's history of tea is almost as long as the history of China itself.

A street trading on a vibrant past

2024-03-28 06:56

Long-standing vendors, time-honored brands and venerable local craftsmen invite visitors to step back in time and experience the true essence of an ancient mercantile hub, Cheng Yuezhu and Yang Cheng report in Tianjin.

Next internet celebrity city emerges amid China's cultural tourism boom

2024-03-26 14:15

Following the barbecue-induced travel craze to the city of Zibo in east China and the ice-snow tourism frenzy in Harbin in the northeast, Chinese social media has once again showcased its influence in highlighting the next internet-famous city worthy of exploration.

Partnership to utilize technology to enhance Huangshan tourism appeal

2024-03-26 12:03

A partnership was formed on Wednesday between Huangshan Tourism Development Co Ltd in Anhui province and the China Literature Group, a leading force in online literature. This partnership introduces an innovative "IP + tourism" model, targeting the development of Huangshan's tourism-related intellectual property across diverse platforms, including digital content, merchandise, and gaming enhancements.

Skiers embrace quirky cosplay at Heilongjiang Naked Pig Skiing Festival

2024-03-25 17:23

Yabuli Sun Mountain Ski Resort in Heilongjiang province hosted the Seventh Yabuli Naked Pig Skiing Festival on Saturday.

Pets stun in Shanghai fashion show

2024-03-25 15:22

Groups of adorable pet cats and dogs dressed in gorgeous clothes walked along with their owners on the runway of a three-day pet fashion show that kicked off on Saturday at the Shanghai Fashion Center.

iQIYI's 'Action Master' season redefines martial arts genre

2024-03-23 15:06

iQIYI, a leading provider of online entertainment video services in China, recently wrapped up its first 'Action Master' season, marking a significant milestone in the realm of martial arts cinema.

Villager gives flight to bird conservation

2024-03-23 11:13

When Zhou Longshan started filming birds 10 years ago at Baiyangdian Lake, a major wetland in northern China, he just wanted to record his favorite species — egrets.

Healthy understandings

2024-03-23 11:02

'Cure sometimes. Treat often. Comfort always." This renowned quote in the medical field has been embraced as a standard for practice by countless healthcare professionals worldwide for decades.

Angolan youth embrace Chinese language study

2024-03-23 10:02

In the bustling streets of Luanda, Angola's capital, a wave of enthusiasm for learning the Chinese language is sweeping through the young population.

Reality bites as TV show's appeal becomes clear

2024-03-23 09:59

In the back of my mind, I have long considered myself past the point of keeping track of entertainment industry trends. I might pay attention to a new singer's name if the music strikes a chord with me, or an actor when the performance tugs at my heartstrings.

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