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More than just mindless fun

2020-12-25 08:05

A new exhibition at the Ming Contemporary Art Museum in Shanghai explores the intrinsic relationship between video games and life.

Year-ender:10 major tourism stories of 2020

2020-12-24 10:49

With tourism still bouncing back from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, industry players continue to innovate and reinvent themselves to attract travelers.

Chinese children warmed by bond with Australian organization

2020-12-23 08:30

Chinese primary school student Guo Yuxin had never been to Australia, but she knew a lot about the country: its population, major cities and unique animals, such as koalas and wombats.

Streaming sites show more documentaries

2020-12-23 08:15

Streaming sites have become the main platform for producing and broadcasting documentaries in China, luring an increasing number of young viewers, according to a recent report.

Set the tone for 2021 with Pantone's Color of the Year

2020-12-17 10:43

Gray and yellow, this color combo will probably dominate your 2021.

I just want to be alone, or perhaps not

2020-12-12 14:28

As millions of Chinese Greta Garbos bask in their lives of solitude, there are far reaching social and economic impacts.

A company steeped in tradition leads the way to modernity

2020-12-10 09:29

I recently enjoyed a fascinating visit to the cutting-edge production base of a major Chinese firm with deep roots in history and its eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Reading for better life

2020-12-08 08:07

Organization donates many books to children in poor areas to help locals turn a new page.

Christmas is your Chinese New Year: Fascinating similarities

2020-12-04 08:05

"Christmas is your Chinese New Year." I've heard this phrase uttered to me countless times by people in China when the holidays roll around, whether Christmas or Chinese New Year.

Questions of identity amid digitally rendered realities

2020-12-03 08:10

Questions about personal identity are becoming more difficult to answer as people spend more time in the virtual world.

American Pistachio Growers hosts online event for Chinese customers

2020-12-02 13:54

American Pistachio Growers, the trade association for the United States pistachio industry, host an online event to showcases this year's harvest and shared with Chinese customers on Thursday.

Hangzhou steamed buns prove popular in Xizang

2020-12-02 10:37

Running a small restaurant named "Hangzhou Steamed Buns" in Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Xizang autonomous region, Shang and her husband have found not only comfort in nostalgia, but also the promise of a prosperous future.

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