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10 most classic Chinese dance dramas

2021-04-29 07:00

As today marks the International Dance Day, we review the most classic Chinese dance dramas. Have you watched any of them?

Culture Insider: Shangsi Festival

2021-04-14 07:10

Shangsi Festival, also known as the Double Third Festival, is an ancient Chinese festival celebrated on the third day of the third lunar month, which falls on April 14 this year.

Laba porridge sweetens prelude of Chinese Lunar New Year

2021-01-20 09:31

Chinese people start their preparations for the Spring Festival more than 20 days ahead. The 12th lunar month in Chinese is called la yue, so the eighth day of this lunar month is la yue chu ba, or laba. The day is also known as the Laba Rice Porridge Festival. The Laba this year falls on Jan 13.

24 Solar Terms: Six facts you must know about Major Cold

2021-01-20 09:24

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Cold (Chinese: 大寒), the 24th solar term, begins this year on Jan 20 and ends on Feb 3.

World's eight most anticipated biennales in 2015

2015-01-07 07:00

For the year 2015, some major biennales are scheduled to come on stage, which will bring us visual enjoyment, such as Singapore Biennale, Venice Biennale, Sharjah Biennial and Beijing International Art Biennale.

Art beat in January

2014-12-29 09:13

Activities in January, including stage performances, concerts and exhibitions.

Art beat in December

2014-12-04 16:22

Activities in December, including stage performances, concerts and exhibitions.

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