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Stories of humanity at the closing of the light

2024-06-21 06:19

Doctor offers readers a better understanding of medicine at its most critical point, Yang Yang reports.

Leather art connects past and present

2024-06-20 06:45

Jia Hongwei outlines a pattern to carve later at his art workshop in Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

Museum shows its true colors

2024-06-18 06:43

Exhibition demonstrates long-lasting charm of a particular shade in history, Wang Kaihao reports in Nanjing.

Role of honor

2024-06-14 06:56

Since 1998, the Fondation L'Oreal and UNESCO have annually honored five exceptional female scientists from different regions. The program promotes their work globally and empowers them as role models. Laureates are recognized for their scientific achievements and contributions to global research.

Scientist equates hard work with gaming

2024-06-14 06:46

Driving ambition fuels the passion required for success, Li Yingxue reports.

Interpreting art in a different light

2024-06-13 06:38

There, in the capital of the Qing Dynasty, Attiret painted inside the Forbidden City, the vast imperial palace that today houses most of his works under the name of the Palace Museum.

The voice behind 600 silent success stories

2024-06-12 06:20

Many people believe that special education teachers for hearing-impaired children primarily teach sign language. Meet Li Hongjia, 33, who works at Xiaokuihua Rehabilitation Center in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, specializing in hearing recovery and language acquisition. She doesn't know sign language.

Tour guide captivates visitors with Shaanxi charm

2024-06-11 06:50

Explaining the nuances of history captures more attention by using a unique approach, Yang Feiyue reports.

Decoding a soaring dragon

2024-06-07 07:02

Former imperial site in Vietnam leaves an intriguing opportunity for cross-border cooperation, reports Wang Kaihao in Hanoi.

French photographer Jeremy Grinan captures the serenity of Zhangzhou, Fujian

2024-05-24 16:22

For French photographer Jeremy Walter Grinan, the trip to Zhangzhou city in East China's Fujian province offered a serene escape from urban life.

'Breath-taking' dedication

2024-05-15 06:37

Jin Ming, a freediver from Shanghai, set a new world record by swimming 311 meters underwater on a single breath, highlighting his dedication and China's growing prominence in the sport.

New goal for gender equality

2024-05-14 08:22

A bookstore in Beijing seeks to engage in deeper discussions about women's issues, Wang Qian reports.

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