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Which Beijing winter travel route do you prefer?

2021-09-10 16:07

The global promotional campaign "Great Wall Hero 2021—Beijing Winter Charms" has released three different routes for tourists during the Beijing Winter Olympics in February next year. Which one do you prefer?

Beijing launches global campaign for winter tourism

2021-09-10 14:38

A global promotional campaign titled "Great Wall Hero 2021—Beijing Winter Charms" kicked off at the National Speed Skating Oval in Beijing on Thursday, aiming to promote winter tourism of Beijing.

Volunteers make heritage protection priority

2021-09-02 09:59

Liu Bayar has developed a habit of traveling each month from his village in Alshaa Left Banner in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to visit cultural sites in the desert.

Exhibition shows works with scientific aesthetics

2021-09-02 09:43

Charm of Science and Technology, an exhibition that opened at the National Art Museum of China on Sunday, and which will run through Monday, shows more than 100 artworks from the museum's collection, which sparkle with the radiance of art and science.

Ballet company to have another tilt at old favorite

2021-09-02 08:15

In 1985, the National Ballet of China premiered its production Don Quixote at Tianqiao Theater in Beijing.

The art of governance

2021-09-02 08:02

An ongoing display in Beijing highlights the creations of notable artists who have also served as CPPCC National Committee members over the years.

Building a dream

2021-09-01 08:09

Self-taught architect makes miniature structures, turning wasteland into a charming tourist attraction.

Xibaipo homestays fuel hospitality sector

2021-08-31 09:35

People in Xibaipo and its neighboring villages have made three major historical contributions to the country over the years, according to Zhang Rong, head of Xibaipo town, which includes Xibaipo village.

Xiangshan highlights role as CPC staging post

2021-08-31 09:29

On March 23, 1949, the CPC leadership left Xibaipo village in Hebei province for Beijing. They reviewed troops at Xiyuan Airport in Beijing, then settled down in Xiangshang in the western suburb of the city.

Tang Dynasty temple reveals ancient treasures

2021-08-27 08:04

The Wutai Mountains in Wutai county are a renowned Buddhist holy land and top tourist destination in Shanxi province.

Shanxi pushes ahead with green energy

2021-08-27 07:45

Province also looking into new technology to reduce emissions from coal.

China National Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale opens

2021-08-26 16:20

The opening ceremony of the China National Pavilion of the 17th Venice International Architecture Biennale was held on the evening of the 24th at Beijing Tianqiao Art Center.

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