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Henan TV to stage cultural show for Chongyang Festival

2022-10-02 20:55

As the traditional Chongyang or Double Ninth Festival will fall on Oct 4 this year, Henan Satellite TV is poised to entertain audiences with a cultural show titled Adventures on Chongyang Festival.

Dunhuang continues to inspire and nurture international artists

2022-09-20 10:40

Dunhuang, in the remote Gansu province, is a symbol of openness, inclusion and infusion, for here is where different cultures along the ancient Silk Road crisscrossed, exchanged and created the brilliant fruits such as the Mogao Caves. Today, it has continued to attract artists from across the world.

A medal for ingenuity

2022-09-17 10:36

Contemporary art gets a sporting chance as Beijing's X Museum serves up a unique mobile gallery to global audiences.

Mid-Autumn Festival show reinterprets reunion

2022-09-08 16:46

As the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival is drawing near, Henan Satellite TV will broadcast the cultural show 2022 Adventures on Mid-Autumn Festival, as a continuation of its "Chinese Festival" series program.

Chongqing hotpot restaurant opens in Beijing

2022-09-02 16:52

One of Chongqing's most popular hotpot chains, Peijie Hotpot, has opened two branches in Beijing in September, bringing authentic Chongqing-style spicy hotpot to the capital.

Mexican restaurant launches new menu in Beijing

2022-09-01 10:42

Mexican cuisine restaurant chain Q Mex Bar & Grill launched a new summer menu to bring more authentic Mexican flavors to consumers in Beijing.

Show the beauty of China from your camera lens

2022-08-17 17:24

China Daily is inviting submissions of photos and short videos that depict the beautiful country of China from Aug 16 until Sept 30, 2022.

Seek grand grassland fun in Xi Ujimchin Banner

2022-07-28 10:40

Amid the coming of summer peak, Xi Ujimchin Banner in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region entered its prime season in July, with its picturesque and undulating grassland and a variety of rich cultural activities currently being held there.

China-India youth dialogue held to boost exchanges

2022-07-26 17:26

A China-India Youth Dialog jointly organized by the CICG Center for Europe and Asia, China International Youth Exchange Center and Cheena Bhavana of Visva-Bharati University was held in Beijing on Monday.

Photos show beauty of natural landscape

2022-07-22 09:55

A series of photos taken by Zhang Dongfeng show the splendid scenery of Taihang Mountain, Baoquan Reservoir, Baiyun Mountain and Huangshan Mountain.

Fujian tea forum hosts media figures

2022-07-04 17:31

The 3rd Martime Silk Road International Tea Culture Forum opened in Fuding city in East China's Fujian province on June 29. This year's forum hosted a sub-forum on the theme of "Reporters and Tea", with experts from the newspaper industry gathering to talk about tea culture.

A visit to Hong Kong Palace Museum

2022-06-14 08:42

The Hong Kong Palace Museum, which is located in West Kowloon Cultural District, is expected to open to the public in July.

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