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'Hairy tofu' an Anhui treasure

2022-04-12 10:04

"Hairy tofu" is a local delicacy in Huizhou district of Huangshan city in East China's Anhui province. Due to its unique geographic environment, after fermentation the prepared tofu is covered with white mould. The snack thus gets its name from the hair-like filaments that grow on its surface.

Trash for cash, low-carbon sets new trend in Tibet

2022-04-11 10:30

In less than two months, a newly opened minimarket in a remote village in Xigaze City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has garnered a large core of customers.

Inside the metaverse, two journalists experience future in real time

2022-02-05 10:00

I began my career as a business journalist in 2017, and since then have traveled quite a bit, and have had the privilege to interview a number of top corporate executives. But nothing blew my mind so far like a recent "meeting" with a metaverse expert.

Beijing promotes love of winter sports

2022-02-05 09:36

Fourth grader Xu Depei has been skating a couple of times over the winter holidays, which began in late January.

Canadian enriches Dalian coffee culture

2022-02-05 09:15

When people come to the Wandering Moose Cafe in Liaoning province's Dalian Jinpu New Area, they are able to taste specialty coffee and sample the flavor of Canada.

Children find snow sports cool, survey reveals

2022-02-05 09:05

A survey of Chinese youth involvement in winter sports in 2021 shows that 30 percent of the 3,890 respondents have taken part in winter sports and more than 60 percent have a positive perspective on its future development among young Chinese.

Japanese restaurateur serves high-end market

2022-02-05 09:05

Tanioka Kazuyuki, 48, said running a restaurant is like shooting a film, because he needs to arrange everything, from interior decoration to provision of dishes; from recruiting employees and serving customers to managing finances. He also has to deal with unexpected challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Skate expectations

2022-02-05 09:00

As Olympic fever grips the nation once again, the buildup to the Games has instilled a passion for winter sports into China's youngsters.

Green arteries channel change in lifestyles

2022-01-11 09:07

When I was a little boy, my parents and I would sometimes visit Glasgow, which was the nearest city to my hometown. My parents would often remark how much the city had changed between each of our visits.

Chinese travelers reveal preferences in data

2022-01-05 14:43

Most Chinese travelers preferred local tours during the recent New Year's Day holiday, according to Chinese tourism website Mafengwo.

Bookworms surfing the web to find a good read

2022-01-01 09:15

Younger Chinese readers are logging on in their millions to enjoy works from established and emerging authors.

Staging the unconventional

2021-12-31 08:22

Instead of being confined to traditional spaces like theaters, live performances such as stand-up comedies, improvisational dramas and even immersive theater shows are now increasingly being held in venues like shopping malls, office buildings and residential areas in Shanghai.

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