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Hair, there & everywhere

2020-11-28 09:47

At 6:30 in the morning Liu Qiang stepped into a room next to a brightly lit broadcasting studio and began putting on makeup. As she did so she continued to familiarize herself with hair products-mostly wigs-that she would soon be trying to sell, as well as the scripts she would be reading from to he

City's ban on smoking in public places still lacks teeth

2020-11-27 08:21

In the five years since Beijing's anti-smoking law took effect, winning praise from the World Health Organization, the law seems to have gone up in a puff (more like a cloud) of smoke.

Distance from US doesn't stop this determined Florida voter

2020-11-26 08:55

Every four years, the entire world pays close attention to the presidential elections in the United States, a period that is generally much more eagerly anticipated by US citizens who have the right to vote in such elections. I am one of these citizens, and I was very excited about voting this year.

Oxford English Dictionary names 'words of the year'

2020-11-24 14:48

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) announced Monday for the first time that it has chosen not to name one single word of the year, but many words for the "unprecedented" year 2020.

Seller to cellar, a glass of wine still has a lot of fizz and sparkle

2020-11-24 08:09

Wine may be fine, but it has never been my favorite tipple or topic of discussion unlike several of my peers. Over the years I have attended several functions, but by and large stayed away from wines. A lot of it had to do with my limited exposure to the beverage and the hype attached to it, be it t

Two for one

2020-11-23 10:39

With a series of new collaborations, lifestyle and gastronomy make a perfect pair at Izzue Market and Izzue Coffee. 

Growing overseas readership of Chinese online literature

2020-11-20 18:05

China Literature Corporate released a White Book of 2020 Chinese Online Literature Going Global during the First Shanghai International Online Literature Week.

Trying to translate terms like chabuduo, more or less

2020-11-20 07:44

All these words and phrases can be translated as the meaning of the Chinese phrase, chabuduo-literally, word for word, "difference not much".

True wealth accumulated over a lifetime isn't tangible

2020-11-19 08:42

We all change with time. Those clothes we wore as teenagers may not fit anymore, or may seem wildly inappropriate.

Michelin Guide for Beijing unveiled

2020-11-18 10:18

The second edition of the Michelin Guide Beijing was issued in the capital on Monday with several new star entries and the launch of the Michelin Green Star selection.

Rental scheme brings relief in more ways than one

2020-11-13 08:10

Rehabilitation assistive devices for the elderly and disabled often come with hefty price tags. Thankfully, Shanghai residents who cannot afford to spare the cash have been presented with another option since last year-rental.

'Lockdown' word of the year for Collins Dictionary

2020-11-12 10:41

"Lockdown" was chosen as Collins Dictionary's word of the year for 2020 due to the dramatic increase in usage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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