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Chinese dance, music performance staged in Dhaka, Bangladesh

2017-10-18 10:26:38

Dancers perform during a gala event of Chinese dance and music performance in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, on Oct 17, 2017.

Taoism mountain welcomes young learners

2017-10-18 14:03:26

Photos taken on Oct 16, 2017 show children, dressed in Taoist clothes, learn aspects of traditional Chinese culture, including tai chi, calligraphy and how to play the guzheng musical instrument, on Sanqing Mountain in Shangrao city, East China's Jiangxi province.

Street food culture explored in Tianjin

2017-10-18 13:58:40

Street food is an indispensable part of Chinese cuisine culture. With the zeal for Chinese baozi and jianbing waxing overseas, street food maintains its long-lasting popularity among people at home.
Last weekend, a group of street vendors in Tianjin was invited into the courtyard of the Ritz-Carlton Tianjin, one of the city's finest hotels, for its first Street Food Festival.

Fancy noodles in 6 seconds? Here's your guy

2017-10-18 14:39:48

Ma Delong makes noodles in a restaurant in Lanzhou city, the capital of Northwest China’s Gansu province. Ma, who is in his thirties, has worked making hand-pulled noodles for more than 16 years. He is now able to turn dough into a bowl of noodles in just six seconds.

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