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Silk Road expo boosts international ties

2018-05-14 10:03:57

With the goal of strengthening collaborative relations among Chinese provinces and China with the world, the third Silk Road International Exposition kicked off Friday in Xi'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi province. A total of 230 delegations from 73 countries and regions are participating in the event, with the UK and Malaysia as the honored guest nations.

Ritual performance revives ancient Tang culture

2018-05-14 10:03:12

Xi’an, previously known as Chang’an in ancient China, boasts a history of being the national capital for 13 dynasties. Nowadays, right within the old city wall built during the Sui Dynasty (581-618), the city provides tourists with a unique ritual show from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) called Chang'an Impression.

L’Oreal lipsticks inspired by historic Chinese beauties

2018-05-14 09:48:27

In partnership with the National Museum of China, French makeup brand L'Oreal has launched five limited edition lipsticks based on the classical elegance of five historic Chinese beauties: Zhao Feiyan, Wang Zhaojun, Yang Yuhuan, Xi Shi and Li Qingzhao. These figures were studied by L'Oreal along with experts from the National Museum of China in order to develop the lipsticks. Currently, this crossover edition has sold out, but L'Oreal claims that the brand is always open to opportunities to extend the collaboration with the National Museum of China or other partners.

Chinese Culture Day celebrated across world

2018-05-13 10:54:24

Local students perform during the 2018 Chinese Culture Day celebrations in Melbourne, Australia, May 11, 2018.

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