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The globe slows down

2020-02-27 07:18:06

Uthaithit Chamnongnit recently had to lay off a few employees because a major segment of her customers has vanished-Chinese.

TCM widely applied in treating infected patients

2020-02-26 16:47:26

TCM has been widely applied in treating infected patients as it has proved effective in improving the cure rate. Since the epidemic outbreak, the time-honored treatment has been applied in treating over 60,000 confirmed cases of the infection in China.

Ordinary people remain upbeat despite long ‘stay at home’ periods

2020-02-26 16:30:18

Chinese people around the country are taking a positive attitude to having to stay at home for long periods during the coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus outbreak prompts China’s cultural industry to rethink how it does business

2020-02-26 16:19:51

China's cultural industry is being forced to rethink its development model in the wake of the temporary impact being brought by the sudden novel coronavirus outbreak.

For Chengdu vlogger, 'trash' is treasure

2020-02-26 16:10:51

For the past month, Chinese residents have been strictly limiting their need to leave their homes, either by choice or by order, in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Exhibition introduces Chinese landscape in Sydney

2020-02-26 15:55:37

A photo exhibition, Beautiful China, which showcases China's natural and cultural landscape, opened at the China Cultural Center in Sydney on Feb 12.

Stunning snow scenery captured in photos

2020-02-26 10:39:24

A series of landscape photographs taken by Mei Sheng portraying some stunning snow scenery has drawn many views online.

To stay healthy, try classic indoor exercises

2020-02-26 10:09:09

Editor's notes: Regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. But the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has kept millions of people from partaking in outdoor activities since late January.

Chinese heritage site reopens after one-month closure in epidemic

2020-02-26 09:22:57

The Longmen Grottoes in Central China's Henan province, a world cultural heritage site, reopened to visitors on Monday, a month after its closure amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Concerned about coronavirus, US teacher sends love, support to Chinese students online

2020-02-26 09:10:00

Though not at all spatial, the loft Kelsey Covington uses as the classroom to teach her Chinese students online English courses has been decorated with lovely dinosaur puppets and other props, just to let the students on the other side of the webcam feel a sense of joyfulness.

China issues guideline on public libraries reopening amid virus battle

2020-02-26 09:05:00

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a guideline Tuesday to direct steady efforts made by public libraries and cultural centers for epidemic prevention and control and their reopening.

Reopened noodle house awakes Hunan slurp

2020-02-26 09:00:00

It was the same day when Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic in neighboring Hubei province, locked down all public transport and outbound channels in the city.

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