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Hither & thither, the majesty of a zither

2019-09-21 10:00:00

An old Chinese instrument is making its presence felt in many places and is winning hearts

Polish director to bring award-winning show based on Shakespeare's work to Beijing

2019-09-21 09:05:00

When Polish director Grzegorz Bral and Song of the Goat Theatre made their debut in China by performing Portraits of the Cherry Orchard, during the Wuzhen Theater Festival in 2015 in the namesake ancient town located in Zhejiang province, audiences were immersed in the atmosphere created by the dire

Poetry in her feet

2019-09-21 09:00:00

For the past decade, dancer-choreographer Wang Yabin has run a project with her friends to bring together Chinese and international choreographers to create a new dance piece every year.

China Now Music Festival looks to unite with music to counter political differences

2019-09-21 03:16:08

"Politics often divides people, but in art and music, you always find connections," renowned Chinese conductor Cai Jindong said.

China selects outstanding films, TV series to mark PRC founding anniversary

2019-09-20 21:52:14

BEIJING - The Commission for Political and Legal Affairs of the Communist Party of China Central Committee Friday made public 70 outstanding political- and legal-themed films and television series produced since the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949.

Chinese animation 'Backkom' set for New Year's Day premiere

2019-09-20 19:45:56

"Agent Backkom: Kings Bear," a Chinese animated production, will hit Chinese mainland big screens on Jan 1, 2020, the film's official Weibo account announced Friday.

The history of Miao bench dance

2019-09-20 17:12:26

The bench dance of Southwest China’s Guizhou province is an improvisational dance performed by women of the Miao ethnic group after drinking. It is mainly popular in Kaili, Huangping, Taijiang, Shibing and other Miao villages in Guizhou.

24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about Autumn Equinox

2019-09-23 07:00:00

Autumn Equinox lies at the midpoint of autumn, dividing autumn into two equal parts.

Documentary series highlights Chinese architectural heritage

2019-09-20 10:00:00

The second season of the documentary series Century Masters has finished filming for the first episode on architecture.

Fu Lei translation award unveils 10 finalists

2019-09-20 12:32:40

Among the 44 books competing for the award this year, a list of 10 finalists was announced Sept 19 at the news conference held in Beijing.

Inheritor of Guangfu fruit pit carving in Hunan

2019-09-20 10:45:57

Ma Luocheng started learning the fruit pit carving at 21 years old under the guidance of renowned craftsman Zhou Jianming, an inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Guangfu fruit pit carving, and has become an outstanding craftsman himself with his award-winning works after years of

Chinese martial arts show delights Bucharest fans

2019-09-20 10:31:04

Chinese martial arts athletes staged performances at a multi-purpose gymnasium in southern Bucharest late Wednesday, stunning local martial arts enthusiasts.

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