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Young culture fans dress to impress

2020-08-11 07:01:41

A group of young people wearing hanfu, the traditional clothing of the Han ethnic group, gathered at Donghua University in Shanghai in November to stage a series of performances.

Visiting China Online: Jilin

2020-08-10 17:10:27

Northeast China's Jilin province is becoming an increasingly popular destination for escaping the hot summer spell and for skiing in winter.

Cannes XR debuts at Longfu Temple in Beijing

2020-08-10 16:50:51

Cannes XR, which features augmented reality and immersive entertainment, made its debut in China Friday at the Longfu Temple, one of the capital's landmark attractions.

Beijing kicks off vote for popular destinations online

2020-08-10 16:11:04

The 100 most popular destinations in Beijing will be selected by internet users and announced to the public in October.

Hit series 'Joy of Life' takes home two Shanghai TV Festival awards

2020-08-10 14:39:05

A runaway hit from last year, the costume series Qing Yu Nian, also known as Joy of Life, is one of the biggest winners in the just-concluded 26th Shanghai TV Festival, taking home two Magnolia Awards, the event's top honor.

Oscars-winning film '1917' boosts China's big screen recovery

2020-08-10 14:33:11

British director Sam Mendes's First World War film 1917 grossed more than 10 million yuan ($1.43 million) when it opened on Friday, becoming the first such movie to boost the recovery of Chinese film market after the COVID-19 blow.

'Paradise Program' takes unorthodox view at life and death

2020-08-10 13:33:18

On April 10, 2019, director Zhang Shanshan had just finished the premiere of her sci-fi narrative short film Paradise Program and was standing with her producer outside the Parkway Theatre.

NCPA streams live orchestra concert

2020-08-10 11:02:05

On Aug 8, the NCPA Orchestra performed under the baton of conductor Zhang Yi. Featured pieces were Bach’s Busoni-Chaconne in D minor BWV 1004, Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s Lyric Piecesand Czech composer Bedřich Smetana’s  Má vlast (My Motherland).

Song commemorates Fitness Day, upcoming Olympic Games

2020-08-10 10:44:46

A song, titled Welcome to the Winter Olympic Community, was released on Aug 8, marking the 12th National Fitness Day — an annual celebration which has been held since 2009 to commemorate the opening of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Opera film 'Carmen' returns to Beijing

2020-08-10 08:21:36

The Chinese-produced opera film Carmen will be shown at the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on Aug 16 in Beijing.

Owners must act responsibly and care for their pets

2020-08-10 07:48:03

A female Siamese cat was confirmed to be infected with the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom in July. Previously, in March, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region confirmed a Pomeranian was infected with the coronavirus.

Matter of life and death

2020-08-10 07:40:50

In February, Wu Qi, associate editor-in-chief of Sanlian Life Week, posted a handwritten mind map on Sina Weibo, sharing with her young daughter how she deals with misfortune.

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