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Great Wall winds through autumn mists in Hebei

2020-08-21 15:34:33

Like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus, stretching from the east to west of China.

Online exhibition in Sydney displays beauty of Gansu

2020-08-21 15:09:04

As a cradle of Chinese civilization, Gansu is also an important hub on the Silk Road which bridged the East and West in ancient times.

Portrait exhibition explores individuality, humanity and passing of time

2020-08-20 09:02:50

New York-based artist Elizabeth Peyton produces deep resonance in the hearts and minds of her audience with paintings where the strokes, the colors and the composition deliver poetry and sensibility.

German artist's upcoming exhibition a symphony of light and color

2020-08-20 08:52:45

Titled Light, Colour and Hope, the exhibition, which is set to open at the Yuz Museum on Sept 26 and run through Jan 10, 2021, will show vivid paintings in which the aura of life and the crisis of modernity underlie the lighthearted mood presented by Butzer.

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