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NPC deputy: Digital Dunhuang brings people at home closer to art

2020-05-27 17:34:20

As a famous world heritage site, Dunhuang Mogao Grotto has 45,000 square meters of wall paintings and more than 2,000 sculptures. Su Bomin, vice-president of Dunhuang Academy, shares the steps the academy has taken in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, including the launch of two new projects.

Colorful Yunnan with diverse ethnic features

2020-05-26 10:57:43

China has 56 ethnic groups, and 26 of them have been living in Yunnan for generations. With a unique blend of dozens of ethnic groups, Yunnan is a place where you can experience a variety of folk customs, festivals, ethnic arts and local foods.

Splendid landmarks of Hubei through all four seasons

2020-05-25 15:01:56

Hubei province is a popular tourist destination in Central China, and the core area of the Yangtze River International Golden Tourism Belt. A four-hour high speed rail ride from Hubei can reach over 70 percent of cities across China.

Experiencing the charm of Hubei in Central China

2020-05-25 15:00:27

Central China's Hubei province is the cradle of the ancient Chu culture, and a place with rich tourism resources and profound cultural heritage.

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