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Trailer: 'Heroic Sons and Daughters'

2020-10-23 09:33:02

A symphonic version of a dance drama, titled Heroic Sons and Daughters, by the symphony orchestra and chorus of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater will premiere at Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on Oct 22.

Festive China: Chongyang Festival

2020-10-24 09:04:00

When clear and refreshing autumn arrives and chrysanthemums envelope the world, it's time for the Chinese Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival.

'The Butterfly Lovers' interpreted by British, Chinese artists

2020-10-23 12:03:36

Chinese folk tale The Butterfly Lovers was creatively interpreted by British and Chinese artists through a collaborative dance production, which aims to give the ancient story a modern twist.

Director of arts at British Council China talks about China's square dancing

2020-10-23 12:03:15

Rehana Mughal, director of arts at British Council China, describes China's square dancing as "an assuring sign to see in a society when people get together to enjoy a creative act".

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