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Sino-Greek drama 'Agamemnon' to premiere in Beijing

2019-02-15 15:28:33

The Sino-Greek bilingual drama Agamemnon, a coproduction by the National Theater Company of China (NTCC) and the National Theater of Greece, will see its first round of performances at the National Theater of China in Beijing from Feb 20 to March 2, the two theatrical companies announced at a news c

One more for the Silk Road

2019-02-15 08:13:50

Oxford University historian Peter Frankopan's best-selling 2015 book, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World, was chosen in December as one of the 25 most influential books to be translated into Chinese over the past 40 years by Amazon China alongside Pride and Prejudice and The Great Gatsby.

Spring Festival spreads joy around the world

2019-02-15 09:39:25

A lion dance team in Southern California, mainly made up of Westerners, has impressed university professor Jia Wenshan.

Classic Chinese ballet shines at Kennedy Center

2019-02-15 01:20:17

The National Ballet of China performed its award-winning “Raise the Red Lantern” with full orchestra Wednesday night.

Sao Paulo orchestra makes debut in China

2019-02-14 16:45:51

The Sao Paulo State Symphony Orchestra of Brazil, the first South American symphony to tour China, will hold a concert at the Shanghai Grand Theatre on the night of Valentine's Day.

Chinese holiday films steal limelight of American hits in San Francisco Bay Area

2019-02-14 10:26:00

Having waited in line at the box office of a movie theater in Union City, California, Charlie Yang finds his movie won't screen until Friday.

Chinese beer brand makes it to New York Fashion Week

2019-02-14 09:55:45

For those who love both fashion and beer, there’s good news: Harbin Beer, together with a number of well-known artists came to the New York Fashion Week for the first time in the event’s history, though it is usually hard to integrate them together to send cultural signals to the general public.

Classic poem gets music video

2019-02-14 09:31:30

A new music video for the song Second Farewell to Cambridge, adapted from Chinese poet Xu Zhimo's famous composition, has been released by the King's College Record Label to mark Lunar New Year.

Chinese museum showcases graffiti in street style

2019-02-14 09:20:34

JonOne, a graffiti artist from New York who now lives in Paris, recently left some secret messages on a street of Shanghai.

Croatia, China brace for stronger cultural, tourism ties: ambassador

2019-02-13 10:43:21

The first ever "Happy Spring Festival" performance in the Croatian town Varazdin on Tuesday marked the beginning of a year of cultural and tourism cooperation between China and Croatia.

Cooperation through innovation

2019-02-13 08:06:51

A competition promotes the development of, and collaboration among, the countries in the Lancang-Mekong region.

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated globally

2019-02-11 16:35:15

On the occasion of the Chinese Lunar New Year, splendid celebrations have taken place in many countries.

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