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Curtain call for first SCO Film Festival

2018-06-21 07:34:49

The first SCO Film Festival unveils a slew of cinematic exchanges, as member nations plan to embark on a new era of artistic collaboration. Xu Fan reports.

Chinese festival going global with dragon boats

2018-06-20 14:48:50

The Dragon Boat Festival was celebrated among overseas Chinese communities worldwide over the weekend with the specialty food Zongzi, but not necessarily a dragon boat race, both widely seen as its logos.

China, Spain celebrate an evening of ancient court music

2018-06-11 07:32:38

It's common these days to see Chinese and Western musicians work to create musical pieces that combine elements from both genres.

Staging a tour de force

2018-06-10 09:20:54

Russian State Ballet is back in China to perform a number of classic works, including a new production of the nation's perennial favorite, Swan Lake. Chen Nan reports

Art exhibition on Silk Road opens in Beijing

2018-06-04 19:15:26

An exhibition of traditional Chinese ink paintings of the ancient Silk Road opened in Beijing on Saturday.

Diverse cultures of SCO countries blossom at folk dance gala in Beijing

2018-06-04 14:49:33

A folk dance gala of SCO member states graced the stage of the Beijing Dance Academy on Friday night. Dance troupes from China, Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan joined forces to present a diversified array of traditional dances, tracing these countries' time-honored dance traditions as well as creative inheritances of the dancing arts.

Foreign media visit hometown of Confucius on SCO tour

2018-06-04 14:43:42

A delegation of 37 media agency representatives from Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries started a two-day tour of Qufu, the birthplace of Confucius (551-479 BC), in Shandong province on Saturday evening.

British composer assigned to bring music to Chinese creation myths

2018-05-31 08:30:48

Shanghai Light Music Orchestra has assigned world-famous British musician Simon Franglen to compose a suite of 18 songs about the creation myth of the Chinese nation.

Exhibition held in Nepal to showcase traditional Chinese art

2018-05-29 14:37:19

An exhibition entitled "Sino Nepal Cultural Communication Art" kicked off here Monday, featuring art pieces by renowned Chinese artists on various themes.

Outstanding intl educators awarded in Beijing

2018-05-25 15:00:05

To recognize professionalism and dedication to education, the 2017 International Educator award was bestowed Thursday on 10 foreign teachers during the seventh Maple Leaf Cup "My Foreign Teacher & I" national essay contest awards ceremony in Beijing.

Sweden promotes its local produce at trade fair

2018-05-18 11:26:48

Sweden will invest 48 million Swedish kronas ($5.5 million) into its food and beverage export sector this year to meet increasing international demand.

Museum heads gather in Nanjing

2018-05-28 10:31:05

As more Chinese cities are quickly urbanized, museums play an increasingly important role in furthering people's education, rather than simply standing as enchanting buildings beautifying cityscapes.

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