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China beefs up scenic area management amid coronavirus epidemic

2020-02-26 08:55:00

China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has asked scenic areas nationwide to continue implementing epidemic control measures and closely monitor tourist information, according to a set of guidelines issued Tuesday by the ministry.

China-trained Kenyan spider expert builds web of knowledge

2020-02-26 08:41:57

NAIROBI-Grace Kioko is currently grappling with immense pressure, given that she is one of Kenya's only two experts on spiders.

Sedentary behavior linked to teenage dejection

2020-02-26 08:29:28

LONDON-Sitting still for too long on a daily basis is linked to an increased risk of depressive symptoms in adolescents, states a recent report published by the University College London.

Students face rescheduling challenge

2020-02-26 08:22:40

These have been testing times for student Chen Yong as he prepared for a key exam in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak that took a grip on the country since late January.

The write brother

2020-02-26 08:02:40

It was the third day of self-quarantine before 37-year-old Cheng Tao could go back to his office in Xinxiang, Henan province, after the long Spring Festival holiday. After dinner, Cheng laid out a scholar's toolkit-writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper-and set up his phone on the desk.

Vlogger demonstrates crafty way to pass the time

2020-02-26 07:52:44

For the past month, Chinese residents have been strictly limiting their need to leave their homes, either by choice or by order, in a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Hoping for a happy sequel

2020-02-26 07:28:13

These days, it takes one hour and a half for Zhang Yu to commute from his suburb home to Librairie Avant-Garde, a bookshop where he works, located in downtown Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province.

Chinese tourist attractions pledge to reinforce epidemic prevention measures

2020-02-25 17:05:12

China Tourist Attractions Association, together with 51 tourist attractions across China, has issued a convention on strengthening epidemic prevention measures at tourist sites to provide visitors a safe environment, and in reply to the country's call to resume work and business.

Hit TV series examines China's manufacturing achievements

2020-02-25 16:29:05

With an appealing perspective reflecting China's latest achievements in the manufacturing industry, the TV series Fenjin de Xuanlvy (The Inspirational Melody) has recently made a splash since it began its run on CCTV-1, the flagship channel of China Central Television, on Feb 10.

Visit theaters online to beat cabin fever and get cultured

2020-02-25 15:27:06

As the coronavirus outbreak has kept the country’s major population homebound, combating cabin fever has become a day-to-day priority for many.

Documentary about China ignites interest among Spanish viewers

2020-02-25 14:19:57

Discover: Contrasts of China, the three episodes centering on renowned destinations such as Yunnan and Tibet, is co-produced by the China tourism office in Madrid, the China Cultural Center in Madrid and Tanita Films.

Which Chinese mainland city is most attractive to foreigners?

2020-02-25 12:43:10

China launched the 2019 campaign for most attractive Chinese cities to foreigners this week.

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