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TV series focuses on stress caused by 'gaokao'

2017-08-16 09:30:24

A 48-episode TV series on the stress caused by gaokao, or the national college entrance exams, will run on Beijing Satellite TV from Aug 15.

'SPL 3: Paradox' set to hit mainland screens

2017-08-16 09:26:01

One of the most anticipated action films of the summer, SPL 3: Paradox, will hit to nearly half of China's 45,000 screens on Aug 17.

Antisocial kids more likely to end up poor, new study says

2017-08-16 09:22:04

People who are aggressive, hyperactive and struggle in school with "antisocial behavior" are more likely to end up in persistent poverty, require welfare assistance, experience chronic unemployment and suffer premature death, a report says.

Aaron Kwok plays tainted cop in new film

2017-08-16 09:20:10

From the 2005 hit Divergence to the 2015 award-winning crime thriller Port of Call, Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok has portrayed a number of impressive looking policemen on big screen.

Books for a quality summer holiday

2017-08-16 07:54:23

It isn't late to start some holiday reading. Yang Yang recommends a few popular books.

Sino-ASEAN mingling to forge closer bonds

2017-08-16 07:37:38

Vietnamese students enjoy time at Chinese university.

The advantages of a different approach

2017-08-16 07:29:17

Many Chinese art students abroad say the biggest challenge they encounter in their studies is the different approach to education. But that is also their biggest reward.

More Chinese art students study abroad

2017-08-16 07:17:55

US schools are becoming bigger draws for Chinese students with artistic aspirations. 

World of colors: Painter Chen Junde's oil paintings to be displayed

2017-08-15 14:36:46

An exhibition featuring Chen Junde's paintings will be held at the National Art Museum of China from August 22 to 31.

Harbin elected 2018 Culture City of East Asia

2017-08-15 13:41:21

Harbin, capital city of Heilongjiang province, was awarded with the 2018 Culture City of East Asia title, according to a national Ministry of Culture announcement on Aug 7.

'Wolf Warriors 2' continues box office dominance, catches up with 'Titanic'

2017-08-15 10:59:01

Chinese movie Wolf Warriors 2 is continuing its dominance at the domestic box office.

Digitalized monastery fresco brings visitors closer to Tibetan culture

2017-08-15 10:23:01

Paintings on the wall of Tholing Monastery in Tibet have come to East China's Suzhou city via digital technology.

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