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Manuscripts from famous English, Irish writers exhibited in East China

2017-10-15 14:47:05

Original manuscripts by four great writers from the United Kingdom and Ireland will go on display at a museum in East China's Zhejiang province on Sunday.

Neolithic relic sites discovered in NE China

2017-10-15 14:29:42

Chinese archaeologists recently discovered some sites containing relics dating back to the Neolithic Age near Changchun, capital of Northeast China's Jilin province.

Symphony, dance elevate explorations with a zither

2017-10-14 14:08:42

A longhaired beauty, Zhao Jienan seems to match the image traditionally associated with a guzheng (Chinese zither) player.

Songs for all seasons

2017-10-14 11:22:47

Poems set to song bring China's ancient lunisolar calendar to life.

Awards shine light on music industry changes

2017-10-14 10:50:52

The 10th China Gold Record Awards have been launched in Beijing to honor artists in 20 categories, including Chinese folk music, traditional Chinese operas, instrumental music, pop music and music recording.

Existential battle to survive, both in the water and in the air

2017-10-14 09:49:19

The clinic that Liu Jian manages on Chongming island northeast of downtown Shanghai is unlike any you will ever have seen. It is quiet, spacious, and empty-and indeed is desperately keen to have patients.

The taste of a unique island, in four bites

2017-10-14 09:32:38

Urban retreat serves up a paradise of flora and fauna.

How green is my island

2017-10-14 09:12:46

Big plans in store for a getaway eco-retreat at the mouth of the Yangtze.

Let the good times finally flow

2017-10-14 09:01:17

On the verge of failure after outlaying 3 million yuan on a rice winery, a bridge rescues an entrepreneur and helps protect a local tradition.

Tsui Hark's new film to be screened in December

2017-10-13 16:44:43

Tsui Hark, a pioneer who has reformed Hong Kong martial arts movies, will add sci-fi elements in the traditional genre in the upcoming film The Thousands Faces of Dunjia.

China joins International Federation of Equestrian Tourism

2017-10-13 15:49:31

China became the 21st member of the International Federation of Equestrian Tourism on Oct 12.

Lanzhou beef noodle soup set to reach Italy

2017-10-13 15:45:18

The beef noodle soup in Lanzhou in northwestern China has a history that goes back more than 100 years ago.

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