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Different kind of content

2018-07-12 07:28:05

Many of the new titles for the July-August vacation are animated films, with the majority being produced by Chinese studios.

Documentary series 'Century Masters' turns lens on architect, scholar Liang Sicheng

2018-07-11 15:34:16

As part of biographic documentary series Century Masters Season 2, the episodes on renowned Chinese architect and scholar Liang Sicheng (1901-1972) began filming process in ancient town Lizhuang in Yibin, Southwest China's Sichuan province.

Chinese travelers make over 10 mln guest arrivals in Airbnb listings

2018-07-11 15:31:37

Chinese travelers have made over 10 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings around the world since the company was founded ten years ago, according to incoming president of Airbnb China.

'Romeo and Juliet' opera celebrates Gounod anniversary

2018-07-11 13:36:43

The National Center for the Performing Arts is bringing a new theater piece to the stage from July 18 to 22 - an opera adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of French romantic composer Charles-François Gounod.

Exhibition about Shandong eco-culture area opens in Beijing

2018-07-11 09:32:01

A month-long exhibition running from July 23 to August 23 at Prince Kung's Mansion in Beijing will showcase the achievements of a national-level eco-culture protection area in Shandong province, it was announced at a news conference on Saturday.

Major decisions

2018-07-11 09:17:45

After the stress of the college entrance exams, millions of graduates are facing an even bigger quandary about which university and academic path to choose next, Fang Aiqing reports.

Crafting a new opportunity

2018-07-11 08:05:29

Youngsters are giving life to a traditional form of embroidery as they bring in fresh perspectives, Xing Wen reports.

New research center to promote study on Yuanmingyuan

2018-07-10 17:18:57

A new research center was established at Beijing Foreign Studies University on Monday to promote global studies on Yuanmingyuan, or the Old Summer Palace in Beijing.

Spy thriller to hit screens this month

2018-07-10 17:14:03

One of the most recently acclaimed Chinese espionage-themed productions, the 40-episode TV series Mian Ju (The Mask) will air on Beijing Satellite TV and the video-streaming site, iQiyi, simultaneously from July 6.

International scholars enhance China studies in Shanghai

2018-07-10 11:23:28

The Visiting Program for Young Sinologists (Shanghai), which opened on July 9, attracted 32 international scholars from 27 countries to experience contemporary China.

Xinjiang 'Barbie' dolls show beauty of local people

2018-07-10 10:41:37

Although not as well-known as American Barbie dolls, Shan Xiumei's handmade dolls are popular in China's Northwest Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

San Francisco shows film to remember Japanese invasion of China

2018-07-10 10:29:11

A film telling the plight of Chinese "comfort women" was screened over the weekend in San Francisco's Chinatown to commemorate the 81st anniversary of the July 7 Incident of 1937.

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