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Chinese ceramic art class in Cairo

2017-08-14 07:32:21

Egyptian artists are learning China's ceramic techniques at a workshop in Cairo.

Lensman's track record

2017-08-14 07:13:48

Photographer Wang Fuchun found fame decades ago with his book Chinese People on Trains, a project that is still ongoing.

Healthy eating lifestyle trending among Chinese youngsters

2017-08-13 15:31:06

Still obsessed with China's many, diverse cuisines? That may not be the case for Chinese youngsters anymore, as healthy eating has become the norm for them. Following the trend, an increasing number of light food restaurants have created a buzz in many Chinese cities.

'Spider-Man' spin-off 'Silver and Black' will hit theaters in 2019

2017-08-13 14:11:28

Sony just announced the release date for the "Spider-Man” spin-off "Silver and Black" will be February 8, 2019.

Exhibition of Chinese opera costumes in Greece boosts cultural relations

2017-08-13 10:32:37

An exhibition of Chinese opera costumes was inaugurated on Thursday evening in the city of Elefsina, northwest of Athens, in a latest effort to enhance cultural relations between Greece and China.

Teachers sent to aid Tibet boost local education

2017-08-13 10:08:55

For the past 35 years, teacher Jiang Yiming has been dreaming about being part of an education aid program.

Journalists taste Baiyunbian liquor in Central China

2017-08-12 14:44:27

Journalists on the "Exploring the ancient Chu culture" media tour, visited the Industrial Park of Baiyunbian Company in Songzi, Central China's Hubei province, on Aug 11, 2017.

Prolific animation producer's light has dimmed

2017-08-12 09:50:42

In his apartment in downtown Shanghai the animated-film director Qian Yunda carefully takes out a folder filled with thousands of drafts of scripts and plans of sets for the 1983 animated movie Secrets of the Heavenly Book.

On the horse of high expectations

2017-08-12 09:34:06

An industry whose foundations were laid in the shadows of Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs looks for a return of the good old days.

A Fusion Of Ancient And Modern Fashion

2017-08-12 09:04:56

Long before the invention of the qipao, or the cheongsam, there was a similar-looking type of clothing that most Chinese wore starting from as early as the 26th century BC.

Traditional Han weddings back in style

2017-08-12 09:04:56

One of the most common dilemmas soon-to-be married couples in China face these days is whether to hold a Western or Chinese wedding ceremony.

Sino-Russian Culture and Arts Exchange Week kicks off in Harbin

2017-08-11 14:33:50

The opening ceremony of the 2017 Sino-Russian Culture and Arts Exchange Week was held in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, on August 8.

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