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Coffee culture hits new highs

2020-07-03 07:15:00

The meteoric rise in the number of specialty cafes in Shanghai shows that Chinese consumers aren't just drinking more coffee-they are becoming more sophisticated as well.

Instant Chinese delicacies a big hit

2020-06-15 13:52:37

Instant hot and sour rice noodles, instant snail rice noodles, self-heating hotpots -- China's slew of instant delicacies are stimulating the country's economy.

Bring a touch of drama to your wardrobe

2020-05-25 09:25:06

Bring a touch of the dramatic to your wardrobe with these statement-makers for men and women

Larger than life

2020-05-25 08:30:57

Manish Arora makes some of fashion's most artful creations – and his AW20 collection is gallery-worthy.

The wind of change

2020-05-13 07:59:56

Traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, is enjoying a popular revival thanks to the power of social media, Chen Nan reports.

Theaters adapt to dramatic change of scene

2020-05-13 06:49:50

Audiences warm to online shows as venues remain closed

Drama rekindles interest in Chinese Renaissance

2020-05-12 11:09:16

Serenade of Peaceful Joy (Qing Ping Yue), a historical TV drama about the life of an emperor of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), has become an unexpected hit among viewers of the Chinese mainland.

Culinary guide reveals best Chinese cuisine around the planet

2020-05-09 09:06:00

The 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World guide publishes its second edition, giving the reader a chance to explore Chinese cuisine all over the planet

China's tourism market sees strong recovery: official

2020-05-09 08:40:00

China's tourism market saw a strong recovery during the five-day May Day holiday, an official said Friday.

Self-driving trips popular in holiday as Chinese embrace outdoors

2020-05-08 09:15:00

Self-driving trips have become an increasingly popular choice for Chinese during the past May Day holiday as they embraced the open air after a relaxation of travel restrictions amid the waning COVID-19 epidemic, a report showed.

Remake of Leslie Cheung's 1987 classic film an online hit

2020-05-08 09:00:33

The fantasy filmThe Enchanting Phantom,a remake of late Hong Kong megastar Leslie Cheung's 1987 classicA Chinese Ghost Story, has become a runaway hit on streaming sites during the just-concluded Labor Day holiday.

Nonprofit so wing a literal seed for children

2020-05-07 11:24:01

With schools closed, no playing with friends allowed and parents working at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many youngsters around the world have a lot of questions about what's going on.

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