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Are traditional martial arts losing their luster?

2017-11-15 20:08:49

A thin, bony guy walked into a building, each story heavily guarded. On the first floor alone there were five martial arts masters, ranging from Olympic boxing champion Zou Shiming to world-famous action movie star Tony Jaa.

China cultural industry posts double-digit revenue growth in Jan-Sept

2017-10-30 15:53:47

China's cultural industry posted double-digit revenue growth in the first three quarters of 2017, according to official data Monday.

Online literature readers number 350 million in China

2017-10-24 14:19:53

The total number of online literature websites users increased to 352 million by the end of June 2017, according to the latest report from China Internet Network Information Center. This shows half of all netizens are online literature readers.

Can you live without your phone?

2017-10-18 10:32:43

Researchers at the University of Chicago found that the mere presence of smartphones damages cognitive capacity, even when the device is turned off.

Learning the language, anytime, anywhere

2017-10-18 08:04:09

English learning apps are growing in popularity as a complement to traditional classes. China Daily reports. Using mobile devices to learn English has become popular in China, not only for medium-level and advanced learners, but also for beginners.

China's film industry booms, coproductions grow

2017-10-12 07:11:21

China's film industry has made much progress in the past five years. Xu Fan reports.

Sino-foreign joint-venture universities opens doors for int'l students

2017-10-11 07:43:10

Joint-venture universities are giving foreign students access to valuable Chinese experiences.

Hungary for more TV travel

2017-10-06 10:31:17

Popular TV series and movies sometimes unconsciously boost tourism in the location where they were filmed.

China's cultural industry reports steady value-added growth

2017-10-03 11:33:09

China's cultural industry saw steady value-added growth last year that has played a bigger role in driving broad economic growth, official data showed.

Maternity nurses in demand overseas

2017-10-03 07:48:14

Men Anping, a Beijing-based domestic maternity nurse who cares for mothers and newborn babies, has just agreed another job offer to go to Australia for two months.

B&B reservations soar for holiday

2017-09-27 07:18:32

Reservations for bed-and-breakfast inns have soared as China's Golden Week - or National Day holiday - draws near. It is one of two weeklong holidays in the country, the other being Spring Festival, which marks the Lunar New Year.

Egypt pins hope on China to revive ailing tourism industry: official

2017-09-18 10:22:24

Egypt is eager to tap into the Chinese market to revive its ailing tourism industry, Governor of Egypt's Luxor Governorate Mohamed Badr told Xinhua in a recent interview.

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