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Calligraphic works on Chinese history on display in Beijing

2017-10-17 11:23:17

An exhibition featuring works from a hundred calligraphers was unveiled at the National Museum of China on Oct 16.

Movie collaboration by BRICS directors to be released in China

2017-10-17 10:17:16

An anthology of short films, jointly made by directors from each of the BRICS countries, will be released nationwide in China Thursday.

Silk Road brings China, Cannes in Bucharest

2017-10-17 10:07:41

The eighth edition of the film festival entitled Les Films de Cannes a Bucharest (Cannes Film Festival in Bucharest) is an opportunity for Bucharesters to get more familiarized with the latest Chinese cinema productions.

100 million migrant workers to get new healthcare benefits

2017-10-17 07:36:21

Overwork can lead to ill health, injuries and loss of income. The financial burden is uppermost in the minds of migrant workers regarding illness and injuries that could result in wages being cut.

Makeovers for museums

2017-10-17 07:34:07

From programs inviting members of the public to re-create their memories to holding workshops, repositories of the country's heritage are finding new ways to boost visitor numbers. Lin Qi reports.

Chinese culture talk held in Nepal on traditional medicine

2017-10-16 15:55:24

Around 150 Nepali and Chinese doctors, health professionals and students gathered here on Friday for a special Chinese culture talk on traditional style medicine.

Chinese Cultural Talk: Artists show charm of Peking Opera in Mauritius

2017-10-16 15:17:03

Ten Peking Opera performers from the Tianjin Youth Peking Opera Troupe visited Mauritius and performed at the local China Cultural Center on Oct 7.

10-hour 'symphony marathon' celebrates 20th anniversary of Beijing Music Festival

2017-10-16 13:32:11

A 10-hour 'symphony marathon' marked the 20th anniversary of Beijing International Music Festival in Beijing on Oct 14. From 10 am on Oct 14, directed by three generations of conductors, nine Chinese orchestras played 28 domestic and foreign classic works nonstop.

Bargain hunters fuel post-holiday travel boom

2017-10-16 08:11:06

Travel fever may have subsided with the end of the National Day holiday week, but for those who have saved up their paid vacation, the best is yet to come.

Growing inbound tourism interest in China

2017-10-16 08:01:02

Inbound tourism numbers are on the rise, thanks in part to a growing number of overseas Chinese language students making visits to the country. Yang Feiyue reports.

Asian art galleries in US reopen

2017-10-16 07:50:05

WASHINGTON - Galleries revitalized, exhibitions re-imagined and infrastructure upgraded.

Gao Can's golden strings

2017-10-16 07:49:53

Chinese musician Gao Can will soon play a 400-year-old violin used to premiere Beethoven's work. Chen Nan reports.

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