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Documentary on capital's development of reform and opening-up released in Beijing

2018-11-12 18:58:27

A 40-episode documentary on the capital's development to display the achievements of the 40 years of reform and opening-up in China was released in Beijing on Monday.

Rural tourism helps Bijie bloom

2018-11-12 16:12:41

City famed for its sea of azaleas fosters industry to lift incomes

Ancient rock inscription discovered in North China

2018-11-12 15:59:30

The inscription, made up of more than 270 Chinese characters, was carved on a piece of smooth stone about 0.8 meters high and 1.2 meters wide, according to the local cultural heritage administration.

New outlet brings Peru products to Beijing

2018-11-12 13:57:58

Home of Peru, a complex selling all kinds of Peru products, opens at Sanlitun, the landmark commercial area in downtown Beijing.

Folk performances from SW China's Yunnan grace Auckland

2018-11-12 11:19:41

Dancers from Southwest China's Yunnan province perform at the Auckland Town Hall on Nov 5, 2018. Young performers from the Dechen Tibet autonomous prefecture presented folk dances, solos, and instrumental performances as part of the cultural activities to promote Yunnan's rich history and diverse cu

Concert to commemorate poet's nostalgic prose

2018-11-12 08:16:08

Picture 1:The Mu Xin Art Museum (right), which is dedicated to the memory of poet, writer and painter Mu Xin (left), will hold a concert inspired by his poem, Life Was Once Slow, to commemorate the artist, who passed away in 2011, in his hometown Wuzhen.

Experiment with theater

2018-11-12 08:09:57

A competition section of the annual Wuzhen festival aspires to draw more young people, Xing Wen reports.

Hubei shows its style

2018-11-10 15:22:36

The recent Wuhan Fashion Week showcases works that hail the province's ancient culture in contemporary ways, Xu Haoyu reports.

Gansu leverages cultural heritage to boost tourism

2018-11-10 14:56:23

The city of Jiuquan in Northwest China's Gansu province is looking to promote regional tourism by leveraging cultural and travel resources in and around Dunhuang.

Expo plans tours for participants

2018-11-10 12:19:39

The organizing committee of the China International Import Expo has organized 45 city tour routes to help participating merchants gain a better understanding of the city and its industrial strengths. Below are 16 of the routes, with each located within a different district. These routes will showcas

Into the melting pot

2018-11-10 11:23:04

Be it from the mouths of foreigners who have lived here for a few years or from stories on travel websites, one of the most common qualities that people list about Shanghai is the infectious energy that courses through the city.

'Red tourism' makes uniform-renting a hot business

2018-11-09 15:50:47

In the city of Jinggangshan in East China's Jiangxi province, people clad in Red Army uniforms pound cooked glutinous rice into a paste, a traditional way to make a local snack called "ciba."

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