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Sculptor introduces art to embassy representatives

2019-06-17 09:55:04

The ongoing solo exhibition of established sculptor Wu Weishan at the National Museum of China throughout June shows dozens of figurines in which Wu captures the shining spirit of these luminaries in Chinese history.

Young Chinese Artist builds her Xanadu Palace in Manhattan East Village

2019-06-15 04:15:20

In studio #135, 122CC, East Village, under a spring drizzle, artist Nandan Sam He's solo show "Xanadu Palace", curated by Zi Lin and Dandi Gu, opened to public.

Gateway to summer

2019-06-17 07:59:12

A Beijing festival is set to inspire kids to pick up an instrument over the holidays, Chen Nan reports.

Tsinghua University shows works of art graduates

2019-06-14 15:35:11

Exhibitions of graduation works used to be on view only for art professionals - students, teachers, artists and curators. Now the shows also welcome public critiques and have become an important way for ordinary audiences to open up their minds.

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