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Chinese contemporary ink paintings go on display in New York

2017-11-17 15:06:03

An exhibition titled Oriental Ink Painting was held in New York from Nov 10 to 16. A total of 52 contemporary ink works from 27 Chinese artists were featured.

Original illustration works go on display in Shanghai

2017-11-17 14:08:18

The "2017 Original Illustration Exhibition of Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award" opened at the Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition in Shanghai on Wednesday.

Consuming passion

2017-11-17 08:57:44

A Beijing restaurant specializing in old Shanghai cuisine is reviving interest in disappearing dishes deemed too difficult to prepare.

Chinese IT's 'alpha wolf ' releases new book with insights into his life

2017-11-17 08:08:27

A collaborative autobiography by Zhou Hongyi, founder of the Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360, features anecdotes from the entrepreneur's life and his business choices.

Aiming for the stars

2017-11-17 07:57:21

There is a growing interest in astronomy and the exploration of outer space in China.

The art of cultivating science personalities

2017-11-17 07:52:20

His eyes blast lasers, while his catchphrase "billions" blazes across multicolored starbursts.

Cybersleuths can help find lost relics

2017-11-17 07:37:48

China's national internet platform featuring information about lost or stolen cultural relics went online on Thursday in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province.

Chinese and German filmmakers aim to learn from each other

2017-11-16 10:04:41

Imagine this, you are a member of a jury, and sitting in the center of the court room is a fighter pilot who is on trial for murder. He has shot down a hijacked civilian jet, killing 164 passengers on board, to stop Islamic terrorists from crashing it into a stadium with 70,000 civilians.

Taiyuan Zoo sets up 'white tiger kindergarten'

2017-11-16 14:24:03

This year, Taiyuan Zoo in Shanxi province prepared for a white tiger breeding peak.

All-apple feast

2017-11-16 14:13:08

A Chinese cooking master innovates dishes by steaming, boiling, frying apples in Dalian, NE China's Liaoning province. It is the harvest time of apples in the region.

Leonardo da Vinci painting breaks auction record

2017-11-16 11:14:15

Salvator Mundi, an oil painting by art master Leonardo da Vinci, was sold for $450.3 million at Christie's in New York on Wednesday, becoming the most expensive art piece sold at auction in the world.

Want to see the world? Talk first!

2017-11-16 10:10:14

Mute English, a phenomenon where people can read and understand English as a second language but cannot speak it well, is an eternal issue for Chinese children and their parents.

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