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Tributes pour in for pianist Fou Ts'ong

2020-12-30 09:41:58

Internationally celebrated pianist Fou Ts'ong has died in Britain at the age of 86, prompting tributes from the music world.

Centers of excellence

2020-12-30 09:36:04

Tsinghua University, in conjunction with local governments, is setting up bases in rural areas to explore long-term revitalization projects.

Bookstores rewrite villages' stories

2020-12-30 07:55:57

Rural communities that were once condemned by departure of their young are seeing an upswing in popularity thanks to the vision of creative architects and the construction of new cultural spaces.

Year-ender: Top 10 cultural events from 2020

2020-12-30 07:31:18

The year 2020 has been a tough one in which we suffered from the coronavirus epidemic and faced enormous challenges in many aspects of life. In spite of this, we still made many achievements in the cultural field. Let's review and carry on our journey bravely in the coming new year.

Intl students help expat museum visitors explore Chinese culture

2020-12-29 16:00:19

Sirinpun Yantarat and her foreign friends work as volunteer commentators at the Liaoning Museum, in order to help expats enjoy the exhibition.

New charity fund aims to protect Guan Yu-related relics

2020-12-29 15:38:58

A charity fund for better protection of cultural heritage related to Guan Yu was launched on Dec 26 in Beijing by the China Foundation for Cultural Heritage Conservation, which is supervised by the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

Nanjing whets foreign worker's appetite for taste of Chinese history

2020-12-29 12:37:28

World travel has become a super passion of mine over the past decade. I relish learning about cultures in other nations, about their people, their food, their history.

Farmer livestreams the fruits of his success

2020-12-29 12:30:43

Though a newcomer to livestreaming, 67-year-old orange farmer Yu Duxiang from Southwest China's Chongqing has already felt the magic of the booming industry.

Uncollected harvest helps waterfowl to survive

2020-12-29 12:22:16

Although the winter solstice has passed, rice ears hanging down from the stems are visible on farmlands by the Poyang Lake, China's largest freshwater lake, which has become a winter haven for over 100 species of migratory birds.

Miniatures artists adapt creation processes to city's rising expenses

2020-12-29 12:15:58

At 7 am one morning, women rushed to a shared kitchen in the open corridors in the center of an H-shaped housing block to prepare breakfast, with the sound of fire alarms triggered by old-fashioned kerosene stoves ringing in the background.

Upcoming comedy set to bid farewell to 2020 with 'Warm Hug'

2020-12-29 09:58:56

Warm Hug, an upcoming Chinese remake of the 2014 South Korean comedy The Plan Man, has gathered some of the country's most popular comedians, with an attempt to tickle the funny bones of domestic audiences at the close of this year.

'Shock Wave 2' tops China's box office

2020-12-29 09:51:15

A blockbuster making a splash in China's lackluster market, the crime thriller Shock Wave 2, starring Andy Lau, has overtaken Eddie Peng's The Rescue to top the country's box office charts since Friday.

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