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Crosstalk for the new era discussed in symposium

2020-10-28 10:43:04

A symposium that gathers veteran crosstalk performers, scriptwriters, authors and literary critics to discuss how to create high-quality crosstalk scripts for the new era was held at the Beijing Crosstalk Weekend Club in Beijing's Dongcheng district on Sunday.

Duo exhibition examines harmony, disagreement

2020-10-28 10:38:12

Employing an abstract approach to painting, the artistic couple Ding Jun and Sun Pu present different feelings in their works.

Artists share perspectives on globalization at show

2020-10-28 10:32:55

Hello, Future! Where Are We? is an exhibition showing artists' works inspired by the trip, drawing on their individual observations of the two countries when addressing similar issues, such as urbanization, sustainable development and pop culture.

Online course shows the charm of shadow puppetry

2020-10-28 08:30:00

In October, a short-term shadow puppetry training course co-organized by the China Cultural Center in Seoul and Hebei Vocational College of the Arts began.

A time of heroism

2020-10-28 07:36:36

They were journalists and writers from the United States. They wrote their names in history and shared two traits. Their writing on the country was greatly admired and their five surnames began with the letter S.

Music awards write the lyrics for their popularity

2020-10-28 07:23:55

On each side of a glittering stage stood excitable fans. Most were waving LED boards flashing the names of their idols. Behind them, two giant screens on the walls connected 100 music enthusiasts remotely.

Chinese operas in tune with the youth

2020-10-28 07:16:43

Modernity need not be the enemy of tradition. In some ways it may even enhance it. Traditional works of literature, for instance, can be better presented by modern printing techniques. Likewise with stage plays. While some often lament that ancient Chinese art forms are under threat in the face of c

Fragrance is the sweet smell of success for rural women cadres

2020-10-28 07:20:40

A Chinese idiom states that good deeds leave a fragrance for generations to come. A recent play takes the lingering fragrance of good deeds as its central plot as it highlights the feats of women and the differences they make.

TV show unveils a palace of secrets

2020-10-28 07:12:35

It tells of another time, of another era but it still resonates and fascinates today. The red walls and roofs sparkling in the sunshine, the exquisite architectural details-it is greater than the sum of its parts. Its splendor has lasted for centuries, and now is the time to celebrate.

Age of restoration

2020-10-28 07:08:06

It has survived rampaging foreign forces and still stands defiant and magnificent. Dashuifa, or the Great Fountain, a group of 18th-century stone ruins, resemble in their fallen splendor ancient Roman architecture. They provide a glimpse of another era, of the glory that was Yuanmingyuan.

Reality show lets foreigners see China's rural makeover

2020-10-27 10:53:47

Ten people from different countries and various walks of life were selected to participate in The Day I Ran China, a reality show produced by Mango TV and Discovery channel, to experience firsthand the 21st century makeover of China's countryside.

Epic film on Battle of Chosin Reservoir set for summer 2021

2020-10-27 09:34:54

As one of the largest films to pay homage to the Chinese People's Volunteers who entered the Korean Peninsula to fight for the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53), Changjin Hu (Chosin Reservoir) announced it will resume shooting during a press event in the Military Museum of the Chin

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