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Liangzhu cultural old city ruins,Zhejiang Province




Excavated by::Zhejiang Province Cultural Relics and Archeological Research Institute, Liangzhu Ruins Management committee

Excavation team leader::Liu Bin

Named after the place where it was first discovered in 1936, Liangzhu Culture is a late Neolithic culture dating back to 3310 - 2250 BC. Chinese historians generally regard the Liangzhu Culture as the first peak of Hangzhou's development, while the history of civilization in the city dates back 8,000 years, starting with Kuahuqiao Culture of the Neolithic Age in its suburb Xiaoshan district.



The ruins are 20 kilometers away from the northwest of Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province. Rounded with mountains, in an area of 40 square kilometers, more than 130 Liangzhu Cultural relics are distributed here.

Liangzhu old city covered an area of 2 .9 million squares meters, and is protected by four side walls built of stones as base and yellow clay constructed the body. Liangzhu city is the first city found in the lower of Changjiang River in its time, which provided new material for studying the Liangzhu culture.

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