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Archeological Findings before 1999

·Ding Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty

·Capital Dadu of Yuan

·Capital of Guge Kingdom

·Mausoleums of Kings of Western Xia

·Site of Celadon Kiln at Longquan

·Tomb of Princess of Chen State in Liao Dynasty

·Tombs of Song Dynasty at Baisha

·Two Mausoleums of State of Southern Tang

·Capital City Longquanfu of State of Bohai

·Graveyard at Astana

·Base of Tower and Underground Palace at Famen Buddhist Temple

·Attendant Tombs of Mausoleums of Emperors of Tang

·Tomb of Yuhong of Sui Dynasty

·City Luoyang of Sui and Tang Dynasties

·Capital Daxing of Sui and Capital Chang'an of Tang

·Buddha Statues from Storage Pit at Longxing Temple

·Longmen Grottoes

·Yungang Grottoes

·Mausoleums of Koguryo in Jian

·Mausoleums of Princes and Emperors & Large Graveyards for Aristocratic Families

·Bamboo and Wooden Strips of State of Wu at Zoumalou

·Site of City Yecheng

·Site of Niya

·City Site in State of Loulan

·City Luoyang from the Period of Eastern Han to Northern Wei

·Graveyard of the Dian People at Shizhaishan

·Tomb of Prince of Nanyue

·Tombs of Han at Mawangdui

·Mausoleums of Prince of Chu in Han Dynasty

·Tombs of Han at Mancheng

·Tombs of Han at Yinqueshan

·Mausoleums and Royal Graveyards of Western Han

·Sites of Han Dynasty at Juyan & Bamboo and Wooden Strips

·Site of Capital Chang'an of Han

·Tombs of Qin at Shuihudi and Longgang

·Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin and Pits of Terracotta Soldiers

·Sites of Xianyang City and Palaces of Qin Dynasty

·Tonglushan Mining and Smelting Site

·Mausoleum of the Prince of Zhongshan

·Tombs around Jinan City

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