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Red dates and ginger drink

2019-12-07 15:44:33

This is a soup for the increasingly cold days. The watercress is a cooler, so jujubes are added to balance the effect.

Remains of earliest silk fabric found in Henan

2019-12-09 08:52:15

Chinese archaeologists have used new technology to ascertain whether the remnants of carbonized textiles found in a burial urn unearthed at the Neolithic Yangshao Culture ruins in Central China's Henan province are the remains of the world's earliest known silk fabrics.

Chengdu film week showcases China's online movies

2019-10-29 17:08:55

The first China Online Movie Week, recently concluded in Chengdu, sheds light on problems facing the industry and aims to look for solutions for a better future.

Rising stars shine at close of China Online Movie Week

2019-10-29 15:53:44

The closing ceremony of the first China Online Movie Week took place in Anren ancient town on the outskirts of Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Friday, studded by young and rising stars from China's film and TV industries.

24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about Autumn Equinox

2019-09-23 07:00:00

Autumn Equinox lies at the midpoint of autumn, dividing autumn into two equal parts.

Xi urges national library to stick to correct political direction, promote traditional culture

2019-09-10 09:20:25

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the National Library of China to stick to correct political direction and promote fine traditional culture.

400 photos, short videos on display to mark 70th anniversary of PRC founding

2019-09-09 09:37:18

An exhibition of nearly 400 photos and short videos reflecting the changes of the country and individuals over the last 70 years opened Sunday at the Minsheng Art Museum in Beijing.

100 bln yuan credit line planned to finance rural tourism

2019-09-05 08:48:49

The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) will extend a line of credit (LOC) up to 100 billion yuan (14.1 billion U.S. dollars) to help villages develop tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Wednesday.

Chinese dance drama to debut in Seattle

2019-09-03 08:09:39

The classical Chinese dance drama Butterfly Lovers is set for its debut at the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall in Seattle this week as part of an arts festival currently underway in the United States.

Costume show inspired by Dunhuang murals a visual feast to audience

2019-09-02 10:32:53

A cultural performance, The Color Extravaganza of Dunhuang, was staged Saturday as part of the closing ceremony of the annual (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo.

Chinese animated hit 'Ne Zha' debuts in North America

2019-08-30 10:23:59

Chinese box-office hit "Ne Zha," the highest-grossing animated film ever in China, debuted in North America on Thursday.

TV gaokao drama earns high marks

2019-08-30 10:17:05

A Little Reunion, a hit TV drama that puts the spotlight on gaokao, came to an end on Tuesday, wrapping up heated discussions sparked on social media over the past month.

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