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Tibet launches tourism development review program

2018-07-12 14:46:52

A program aimed at reviewing the development of tourism in western Tibet autonomous region over the past 40 years kicked off in Nyingchi in early July.

Exhibition showcases China's achievements in preserving intangible cultural heritage

2018-07-09 11:01:23

An exhibition that reflects China's achievements in the protection of intangible cultural heritage opened at the National Library of China in Beijing on July 6 and will run until July 20.

Making ceramics with ancient methods

2018-07-09 08:37:07

Feng Zuchuan, a national Chai kiln intangible cultural heritage inheritor who used to live in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi province, brought the skill to his hometown - Poyang county, Jiangxi province.

A center for musical creativity opens

2018-07-07 12:13:16

Fifteen years after coming to China, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, the global leader in music publishing, has launched the Sony/ATV Polaris music center inside Beijing's Chaoyang Park.

Xinjiang gives new tourism goodies to lure crowds

2018-07-07 11:58:17

The northwestern Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has introduced six special tourism trains and 10 self-drive routes to woo tourists.

Cut from the cloth of another kind

2018-07-07 10:24:57

The Chinese fashion designer Yang Jie is well known for his works, such as his design for torch relay bearers' clothes for the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 and the clothes for the pilots of the Chinese Air Force's August 1st Air Demonstration Team in 2009.

The boy who learned to dance to a different beat

2018-07-07 10:17:35

While square dancing and its omnipresent boomboxes entrance huge swathes of the Chinese population, it is an ancient form of movement and music that keeps others preoccupied.

Sentinels of tradition

2018-07-07 09:46:07

In one room, with tools of various kinds and sizes hanging on the walls, Sui Yiyang stands by a table on which lie two pieces of wood with frames of the musical instrument the guqin that he has been working on for many months. In another room he brushes raw lacquer on the frames of a guqin patiently over and over again.

The one-man bookstore in Zhejiang

2018-07-06 16:53:36

An independent bookstore run by only one man has become a cultural landmark in Shaoxing, Southeast China's Zhejiang province.

Mandarin version of musical 'Mamma Mia!' set to return to China

2018-07-06 16:29:55

The Mandarin version of the musical Mamma Mia! will return to China later this year, as it begins a new tour of Guangzhou and Beijing for over two months starting from November.

'The Three Body Problem' named most popular Chinese eBook

2018-07-06 15:39:55

June 29 marked the fifth anniversary of the Kindle E-reader's entrance into the Chinese market. On the same date, Amazon China published the "Amazon Charts Most Sold" list of Chinese eBooks from 2013 to 2018, analyzing digital reading trends in China.

New book on Tang Dynasty poems focuses on seasons

2018-07-06 11:06:48

A new book about poems from the Tang Dynasty (681-907) has been recently published.

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