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Planting a seed

2018-10-10 07:00:00

A bamboo-gardening competition aims to inspire students' passion for design innovation, while cultivating young talent to fuel the nation's environmental industries.

Rewarding persistence

2018-10-09 07:00:00

Meng Boshen's current one-man show at Beijing's Today Art Museum, which runs through Wednesday, features only two site-specific installations whose materials are entirely natural: One is a tree suspended in midair and the other is a pile of stones spread over the ground.

Bob Dylan artwork exhibit prepares for China visit

2018-10-09 00:01:09

A collection of newly created handwritten lyrics and drawings of legendary American musician Bob Dylan has gone on display in London ahead of an exhibition in Shanghai next year.

Chinese artist advocates ocean protection in Australia

2018-10-08 16:50:27

Chinese artist and environmental activist Kong Ning showed her installation artwork Lifesaving Batfish in Australia recently, which advocates people to protect all the living things in the ocean, and stop the flow of plastic into the ocean.

More sections of Forbidden City's wall opened to public

2018-10-08 16:39:55

More sections of the wall surrounding the Forbidden City in the heart of Beijing are now open to the public.

Ningxia 'garbage bank' pays 'interest' to tourists

2018-10-08 15:44:49

As tourist Qian Yunxia goes off to the Helanshan National Forest Park, she brings with her a bag of garbage and takes it to a bank in exchange for gifts at the foot of the mountain area.

Battle Cold Dew season with Chinese pastry

2018-10-08 14:29:28

Cold Dew season gets its name from the dew which is about to become frost as the weather begins to get chilly.

Glass bridge stokes excitement among tourists

2018-10-08 10:29:15

As Li Li stepped on the glass bridge in the Cangshan Mountain tourist resort, the sound of shattered glass caused her to scream.

'Bright Red Star' gets the ballet treatment in Shanghai

2018-10-08 07:05:00

Ballet dancer Wu Husheng, who is used to playing princes, emperors and dukes, will take the role of a young revolutionary in Bright Red Star. This original production of the Shanghai Ballet will premiere at the Shanghai International Dance Center on Oct 24.

Mysterious female pottery face sends 7,300 year-old smile

2018-10-04 10:23:24

A mysterious piece of pottery shaped as a female head sends a smile from 7,300 years ago, as its host museum in East China's Anhui province starts a global naming bid for the ancient relic.

From Bicester to Blue Badge guides, Britain caters to Chinese tourists

2018-10-04 10:04:03

For Chen Jie, a 46-year-old visitor from eastern China's city of Hangzhou, shopping at Bicester Village feels almost like home. A long queue stretches outside the Burberry store, with many Asian faces. A restaurant called Shan Shui recently opened for business, with interiors recalling the ambience of old Shanghai. Mandarin chatter fills the air.

Italian 'castle in the sky' draws nature lovers

2018-10-04 10:00:27

For more and more Chinese tourists who are willing to explore natural scenery other than follow the traditional routes of grand capitals, the hilltop village of Civita di Bagnoregio in central Italy has become a popular holiday destination.

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