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Trials and tribulations

2018-06-06 08:07:17

"What's your profession?" asks Beijing-based internet celebrity and actor Mike Sui.

Ctrip launches self-help global tour platform

2018-06-04 11:09:20

China's biggest online travel agency, Ctrip, has launched a self-help tour platform for destinations both at home and abroad.

Winning fans of Chinese jewelry

2018-06-02 12:30:10

Chinese jewelry brand, Charlene Classic, enjoyed the limelight during last month's Milan Design Week in Italy, where it exhibited a special collection at the Castel Sforzesco and won a "Special Excellence Award."

Doors open for great vinyl revival

2018-06-02 11:40:37

Far removed from the ring roads and grand avenues that punctuate Beijing are its historic alleys, and in these you can stumble over well-hidden shopping gems.

The pirates are dying: Long live music

2018-06-02 11:12:38

The alarm clock that pulled Su Wen from her sleep on April 30 signaled the start of a long and eventful day. It was 4:30 am, giving Su just enough time to dress and wash before heading to the main railway station in Jinan, Shandong province.

Dance drama on Confucius set for national tour

2018-06-01 13:08:42

A dance drama, titled Confucius, performed by the China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater, was staged at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center on May 29 to 31.

Air China adds more Belt and Road routes

2018-06-05 10:31:48

Air China has launched direct flights between Beijing and Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, with two new services to follow, as the nation's flag carrier looks to boost air links between China and countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

Studio scenes

2018-06-05 10:06:56

What did a Chinese scholar's studio look like hundreds of years ago? Collector, writer and curator Marcus Flacks offers a comprehensive insight into five different scholar's studios in his latest art book Custodians of the Scholar's Way: Chinese Scholars' Objects in Precious Woods, which has just been translated and published for Chinese readers.

Places for paper treasures

2018-06-05 07:57:27

First built in 1420, the Hall of Literary Glory (Wenhua Dian) in the Palace Museum in Beijing, China's former royal palace, also known as the Forbidden City, used to house myriad books during the imperial age.It was also where emperors of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties reviewed imperial examinations.

Sri Lanka increases efforts to attract more Chinese tourists

2018-06-04 10:50:05

China has emerged as one of the leading markets for Sri Lanka's tourism in recent years, with Colombo aiming for at least 1 million Chinese tourists per year by 2020.

Turning the tide on vanishing village life

2018-06-04 10:13:05

According to the third annual China National Conference on Historic Villages, traditional Chinese villages are vanishing at an alarming rate due to human or natural factors.

Tsinghua University students get rare insight in to the reform and opening-up process

2018-06-04 10:47:11

To mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, Tsinghua University has sent three groups comprising an equal number of domestic and overseas students to follow the path of the milestone event in May.

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