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Former Australian official's book translated into Chinese

2019-12-16 09:27:52

A trade show was held in Beijing in 1974, when some sheep were flown in from Australia for a special shearing demonstration. The sheep were so expertly handled by the shearer that the audience wondered if the sheep had been sedated. Years later, some residents of the Chinese capital still talked abo

When East meets West, Macao's culture glitters

2019-12-13 17:32:02

China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its return to the motherland next Friday.

Jinan wins global status for livable environment

2019-12-16 10:40:29

Jinan's green and livable environment gained global recognition as the city won the top title at the 2019 International Award for Livable Communities (Livcom Awards) on Dec 13.

Bringing tai chi to NYC

2019-12-12 08:39:17

A former tai chi world champion is making martial arts an everyday part of New York life in the hope of broadening the appeal of Chinese culture, Xinhua reports.

Baishiya Karst Cave one of top 10 archeological finds in 2019

2019-12-12 11:03:03

Baishiya Karst Cave in Xiahe county, Northwest China's Gansu province, was recently recognized by Archeology magazine in the US as one of the top 10 archeological discoveries in 2019.

When a fruit is also a tonic

2019-12-07 09:00:00

An old Beijing courtyard home, Peking duck, Cantonese soups, Xinjiang. What do these all have in common? Jujubes, the Chinese red date.

Red dates and ginger drink

2019-12-07 15:44:33

This is a soup for the increasingly cold days. The watercress is a cooler, so jujubes are added to balance the effect.

Remains of earliest silk fabric found in Henan

2019-12-09 08:52:15

Chinese archaeologists have used new technology to ascertain whether the remnants of carbonized textiles found in a burial urn unearthed at the Neolithic Yangshao Culture ruins in Central China's Henan province are the remains of the world's earliest known silk fabrics.

Chengdu film week showcases China's online movies

2019-10-29 17:08:55

The first China Online Movie Week, recently concluded in Chengdu, sheds light on problems facing the industry and aims to look for solutions for a better future.

Rising stars shine at close of China Online Movie Week

2019-10-29 15:53:44

The closing ceremony of the first China Online Movie Week took place in Anren ancient town on the outskirts of Chengdu, capital of Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Friday, studded by young and rising stars from China's film and TV industries.

24 Solar Terms: 8 things you may not know about Autumn Equinox

2019-09-23 07:00:00

Autumn Equinox lies at the midpoint of autumn, dividing autumn into two equal parts.

Xi urges national library to stick to correct political direction, promote traditional culture

2019-09-10 09:20:25

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the National Library of China to stick to correct political direction and promote fine traditional culture.

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The 15th Chinese Film Festival in Bangkok and the 2020 China-Thailand Film Exchange Week opens at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok on Oct 25, 2020. [Photo provided to Chinaculture.org]

On Oct 25, the opening ceremony of the 15th Chinese Film Festival in Bangkok and the 2020 China-Thailand Film Exchange Week was held at the China Cultural Center in Bangkok. The event was hosted by the China Cultural Center in Bangkok and received strong support from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand and the Thai Ministry of Culture.

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn't impede the enthusiasm for cultural exchange between China and Thailand. This film festival uses live broadcast to present the opening ceremony and host the "China-Thailand Film Exchange and Cooperation Online Seminar". During the film festival, audiences can use the online platform of the China Cultural Center in Bangkok to watch films online, which greatly increases the global reach of the festival.

Gu Hongxing, director of the China Cultural Center in Bangkok and China Tourism Office in Bangkok, speaks at the opening ceremony. [Photo provided to Chinaculture.org]

Gu Hongxing, director of Bangkok's China Cultural Center and China Tourism Office, said film can not only introduce one's national culture, but also reflect unique social landscapes. Film has become an important part of cultural exchange between countries and enhance mutual understanding among people around the world.

Yang Xin, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, speaks at the opening ceremony. [Photo provided to Chinaculture.org]

Yang Xin, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, said since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand 45 years ago, the mutual trust between the two countries has continued to deepen, economic and trade cooperation has expanded, cultural exchanges have become closer, and all-around cooperation has achieved fruitful results. Both China and Thailand have a vast film market. As a traditional project of cultural exchanges between China and Thailand, the Bangkok Chinese Film Festival has laid a solid foundation for film cooperation between the two countries for 15 years and will add new drive to the promotion of cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Thailand.

Itthiphol Kunplome, Thailand's minister of culture, speaks at the opening ceremony. [Photo provided to Chinaculture.org]

Thailand's Minister of Culture Itthiphol Kunplome said in his speech the governments and people of Thailand and China have been in constant exchange. Cooperation in various fields has developed steadily, and the film festival is another important event to further promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. The people of the two countries can promote their understanding of the cultures of both sides through films, and promote friendly relations and cooperation in other perspectives.

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