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Coloring the country

2018-11-03 08:30:00

The country has become a cornucopia of autumn colors, from its northern foothills to the South China Sea's islands, and from its western plateaus to its eastern farm fields.

Lao She International Theater Festival puts Beijing center stage

2018-11-02 14:35:54

The second Lao She International Theater Festival concluded in Beijing on Nov 1, with a forum focusing on the theme of relationship among the city, its people and theaters.

Chinese production of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' set for stage in November

2018-11-05 08:04:39

Chinese director Li Liuyi's new drama Hamlet will premiere at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing on Nov. 28, marking the start of its world tour.

Palace Museum artifacts' digital copies thrill American audience with Chinese culture

2018-11-05 08:01:27

An exhibition of digital copies of China's Palace Museum artifacts held here Saturday has offered U.S. audience an opportunity to feast on Chinese culture.

Tsinghua's museum displays donated art from Taiwan

2018-11-02 14:19:56

The Highlights of the Collections from Mr. Gao Yingshi's Donation, an exhibition running until Nov 30, offers glimpse into the richness of a recent donation made to Tsinghua University Art Museum.

Centre Pompidou brings research-based art to Chengdu

2018-11-02 14:15:49

In 2016 Centre Pompidou launched a platform called Cosmopolis, which encourages research-based artistic practices that engage with international conversations. These practices were then publicized through an event that included exhibitions, talks, performances and other cultural programs.

Students shine at Wuzhen theater festival

2018-11-02 10:14:24

A theatrical adaptation of Shanhaijing, a classic collection of texts on myths in ancient China, was the most popular play at the carnival of this year's Wuzhen Theatre Festival.

A new place for relics related to historical law

2018-11-02 07:49:10

The State Administration of Cultural Heritage gave six bronze vessels to the China Court Museum's permanent collection on Tuesday.

Hamlet returns in new version

2018-11-02 07:41:09

Of all the works of William Shakespeare that have graced the theaters in China, Hamlet is arguably the most famous among Chinese audiences. It has also been adapted many times in the country.

Moves and numbers

2018-11-02 07:30:45

Tao Dance Theater will mark a decade with performances in Beijing

National park to heal 'Mother Mountains' in Northwest China

2018-11-01 17:05:59

China is stepping up efforts to protect a vast mountain range in Northwest China.

Farewell swordsman: Readers saddened by death of Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong

2018-11-01 15:29:18

What are martial arts and swordsmen like? To most Chinese, the answer is to be found in the works of the late novelist Jin Yong.

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