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Durable threads

2018-03-16 08:20:05

Horse tail embroidery of the Shui ethnic group is an intangible heritage in China, and 53-year-old Song Shuixian has made it her life's mission to take it to a wider audience.

Online platforms share novel approach

2018-03-16 07:50:10

Web novels in China have gained so much popularity in recent years that they are making their authors millionaires and helping their publishers to list on the stock exchange.

4 more books on King Gesar's epic published

2018-03-16 07:43:21

Four more books on the epic of King Gesar have been published, as part of efforts to preserve the 1,000-year-old story.

Remakes of classics – salute to original story or lack of creativity?

2018-03-15 15:24:28

The classic Chinese folktale Legend of the White Snake will have another TV remake, drawing much ire from the country’s netizens for a lack of original output from the entertainment industry.

In her own write

2018-03-15 15:07:07

With Iran set to be represented at Art Basel Hong Kong for the first time in March, get to know Tehran-based artist Golnaz Fathi, who has turned traditional Persian calligraphy into an abstract art form.

Rouge-red glazed porcelain delights eyes at Palace Museum

2018-03-19 09:15:44

Porcelain in rouge-red glaze was a type of ceramic created in the Kangxi Period, which matured in the Yongzheng Period of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Orchestra festival to celebrate original works by Chinese composers

2018-03-19 07:25:27

The upcoming edition of the biennial China Orchestra Festival is a special one because it marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up.

Himalayan task

2018-03-19 07:34:51

Richard Daniel Harris, a WWII veteran, recalls the time when he flew with supplies for Chinese and US troops. Linda Deng and Zhang Yuan report in Seattle. 

Diving into paradise

2018-03-19 07:56:51

There is more to the Philippines than coconut tree-lined coastlines, fine-sand beaches, world-class resorts and myriad underwater attractions. Xu Lin reports.

Hundreds of artifacts excavated from ancient Chinese tombs

2018-03-15 09:25:56

Archaeologists have found more than 500 artifacts in a tomb complex in Zhoukou, a city in Central China's Henan Province, local authorities said Tuesday.

New take on traditional sounds

2018-03-15 08:16:12

From an instrument called the suona, to a music form called shui qiang, the Shanghai Concert Hall is ready to stage a series of performances. Zhang Kun reports.

Get real with Yu Hong's poignant canvases

2018-03-14 14:17:24

Chinese artist Yu Hong brings her poignant canvases to Art Basel in Hong Kong

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