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6 Symbols in Taiwan Literature

Updated: 2018-08-07 14:57:35

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Although it is almost impossible to know how many stories she has written over the past few decades, more than 40 of Qiong Yao's novels have been adapted to television, plays, and films, winning great acclaim from her many fans.

Right now, in the new century, Qiong's romance novels are no longer as popular as before. Nevertheless, her works have hyad a big influence on the way that people born in the 1970's talk about love.

 Enlighten book-Liu Yong

Liu Yong once said: "Although I think I'm an expert on life, I do not dare to say I'm an educator. Every person is ordinary; so how can I can educate others? I am only an ordinary person who watches the world from an ordinary angle. I only directly state my true feelings from my heart…"

But in any event, it has to be said that it was from the Liu Yong where people first had the concept of the "enlightening book," which also became a new concept for the publication market.

By the Light of Fireflies (Ying Chuang Xiao Yu), Surmount Oneself, The truth of Life (Ren Sheng de Zhen Xiang)...These booklets with exquisite and short essays, inspired an impassioned resonance in young students, as the books' contents, rather than being merely musings on life, focus specifically on how to conduct oneself in society.

Liu's intention is to draw the youth out of their chrysalis (cocoon) of illusion, and warn them that dealing with interpersonal relationships in today's intricate society is not as easy as they might imagine. Liu's comments strike home, and help to enlighten those with little life experiences. This explains why so many immature youths gear their behavior according to Liu's words.

Liu Yong sees his works as medicine for young people blinded by dreams, but believes that a cure does not necessarily result in a thick skin and a calculating mind. The purpose of seeing all aspects of the world is to become more vigorous and enterprising in life.

"If the person ahead of you loosens his grip on a door and it smashes into your nose, you should hold on tight to the door to stop it from hitting the person behind you," said Liu. Such esoteric but educational writing resonates strongly among young readers.

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