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Chinese New Year celebrations held in Wellington, New Zealand

2020-02-05 08:45:45

Chinese New Year celebrations were held on Saturday in Wellington, New Zealand, featuring lion dance, Chinese opera and traditional Chinese papercutting. During the celebrations, Wellington Mayor Andy Foster and others present prayed for China as China is battling coronavirus outbreak.

Video clips give a precious insight

2020-02-05 08:36:06

Education and entertainment productions attract growing number of viewers, Jiang Yijing reports.

A new world on the Indian online horizon

2020-02-05 08:36:28

The housewife still has to do the family chores but she is establishing an identity far removed from what was once her daily routine as a whole new world opens up to her. Pooja Sarma, 25, from the northeastern Indian state of Assam, has a loving and devoted family but now also enjoys a new, and unex

Tanzanian diplomat praises China's efforts to curb coronavirus epidemic

2020-02-05 08:28:32

Measures taken by China to control the novel coronavirus have effectively prevented the epidemic from spreading to other countries, a senior Tanzanian diplomat said on Wednesday.

Writers explore a galaxy of plots

2020-02-05 08:24:00

Science fiction authors take us on extraordinary journeys that remain relevant to our daily lives, Yang Yang reports.

A tale of wonder beckons readers in a universe of imagination

2020-02-05 08:23:08

Sci-fi is on the verge of an exciting new world and the decade will see it make a mark in all industries and in the everyday life of people in China, says Ji Shaoting, founder of sci-fi business Future Affairs Administration, at a recent forum in Beijing.

TV series shows love is a battlefield

2020-02-05 08:22:13

Love is not rational. It can strike at the most unexpected times and be all consuming. The exact opposite is not rational either. "Gamophobia" is a fear of commitment, particularly marriage.

Rap group sings praises of Wuhan

2020-02-05 08:22:40

Musicians pay tribute to the spirit and endurance of the city, Chen Nan reports.

A sand painting for fight against virus

2020-02-04 16:46:04

A sand artist in Northeast China’s Jilin province drew a sand painting with narration from her daughter, calling on everyone to stay home during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and scientifically fight the epidemic.

East China province launches online exhibitions amid epidemic

2020-02-04 15:44:09

East China's Jiangxi Province has rolled out a series of online exhibitions for people to enjoy a cultural feast via the Internet while local museums and memorial halls are closed amid fight against novel coronavirus outbreak.

Chicago Chinatown celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year with parade

2020-02-04 14:59:14

Around 18,000 people crowded the streets in Chicago's Chinatown on Sunday afternoon to watch the annual Chinese New Year Parade, with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as a special guest.

Across China: Livestreaming, a new way for New Year purchasing

2020-02-04 14:58:45

Leading up to the Spring Festival, livestream broadcasters wear red scarves in their livestreaming sessions, introducing new clothes and local specialties to their fans in studios decorated with red lanterns and firecracker decorations.

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