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Back from the caves, and beyond

2020-11-23 08:11:35

A sequel to the hit animated film, The Croods, about a family who lives in a fantastical equivalent of the Stone Age, is set to hit the silver screen, Xu Fan reports.

China's rural poverty fight through the eyes of an Uzbek teacher

2020-11-21 11:37:29

After teaching for more than two years in a college in Hefei in East China, Shahboz Babaev, an Uzbek lecturer in economics, decided to travel deep into the mountains to see how the country's targeted poverty alleviation efforts work in rural areas.

Pakistani engineer builds career in China's burgeoning rail transit industry

2020-11-21 11:38:17

Rafiq Khan, 31, starts each day on the job checking the assembly process of tram carriages in the workshop.

An Australian TV hostess' PASSION FOR CHINA

2020-11-21 11:26:42

In China, Heidi Dugan teaches people how to cook Western cuisine. While in Australia, she helps people know about a real China.

Ode to joy and to the genius behind it

2020-11-21 10:57:01

In the year of the pandemic, a grand anniversary has delivered much needed musical solace in an event that will reach its climax next month.


2020-11-21 10:51:28

A vocational training program is giving rural women financial independence and a lot more.

Newly discovered pottery helps pinpoint craft

2020-11-20 16:23:04

More than 60 pieces of delicate celadon — green pottery — from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) were found for the first time in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology said at a recent news conference.

1st volume of biography on famed US economist released

2020-11-20 13:29:25

The first volume of a biography about American economist Paul Samuelson, Founder of Modern Economics: Paul A. Samuelson, was recently published by Beijing-based CITIC Press Group.

China's Hubei sees tourism boom in autumn, winter

2020-11-20 12:57:38

Central China's Hubei province, once hard hit by the COVID-19 epidemic, has received more than 53 million tourists since a tourism promotion event was launched on Aug 8.

Palace museums fix old clocks in timely fashion

2020-11-20 08:10:14

The palace museums in the capital city of Beijing and the Northeast China city of Shenyang have joined hands in restoring antique clocks from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Athlete in wheelchair ready for next challenge

2020-11-20 08:04:17

XI'AN-Staring straight ahead, puffing out his cheeks while spinning his wheelchair toward the finish line, 58-year-old Guo Guangdong attracted a lot of attention along the 2020 Xi'an Marathon route. Nobody knew who the man in the yellow T-shirt was, but everyone was cheering for him, "A16560! Go get

Road and oranges lead to better life

2020-11-20 07:50:58

For Mao Xianglin, village committee chief of Xiazhuang village, Wushan county in Chongqing, the most important project during more than four decades was building a road for the village.

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