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Exhibition puts Sino-French artistic partnership in the frame

2020-12-18 08:34:34

Various works are on display to celebrate the enduring and creative ties between the two countries, Lin Qi reports.

Province home to a treasure trove of architecture

2020-12-18 08:35:33

Tourism insiders say that Shanxi is a perfect region to tour and study ancient Chinese architecture because it is home to the largest number of preserved ancient structures in the country.

China's Taijiquan listed as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

2020-12-17 21:21:47

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) inscribed on Thursday China's Taijiquan on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Ancient ruins give villagers greater hope for the future

2020-12-17 07:42:03

Remains of fort on Yellow River bank found, report Sun Ruisheng in Taiyuan and Li Yang in Beijing.

Quanzhou reveals discovery of old Silk Road sites

2020-12-17 07:42:32

The city of Quanzhou in East China's Fujian province, one of the most important Chinese ports along the historic maritime Silk Road, reported new findings concerning archaeological efforts from 2019 to 2020, experts said at a seminar held in Quanzhou from Friday to Saturday.

Pioneer notes

2020-12-17 07:43:09

A contest sees musicians compose original pieces to accompany Tang poetry, Chen Nan reports.

Survival of a species

2020-12-17 07:43:52

The reintroduction of the milu deer to its motherland has seen the population bounce back from the brink of extinction, Shen Wendi reports.

TV media 'gathers' to explore international cooperation

2020-12-16 13:58:27

Despite the COVID-19 spread hindering in-person international exchanges, more than 70 major television media organizations from over 40 countries and regions "gathered" in Beijing on Dec 15, through a combined online and offline meeting, to discuss the future of global cooperation.

Children's paintings on COVID-19 shown in Sydney

2020-12-16 13:23:47

An exhibition featuring children's paintings on the fight against COVID-19 was held by the China Cultural Center in Sydney and Australian Chinese Television on Dec 15.

Orchestral work honoring Guan Gong performed in Beijing

2020-12-16 09:52:45

Guan Gong, a legendary mythical figure worshipped by many Chinese as a symbol of safety and wealth, has been honored by Chinese composer Jing Jianshu with a new musical piece, titled Ode to Guan Gong, which was staged at the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing on Dec 15.

HK orchestra concert to mark Beethoven's birthday

2020-12-16 09:44:26

The Hong Kong String Orchestra, along with Hong Kong violinist Jue Yao and conductor Lio Kuokman, will give a concert marking the 250th birthday of German composer Beethoven. The concert, featuring musical pieces by the great composer, will be broadcast online in January.

Shanghai Quartet set to play a string of classical hits

2020-12-16 07:59:27

The Shanghai Quartet, which announced its new member Angelo Xiang Yu as its second violinist in November, will give a recital at the Tianjin Juilliard School on Wednesday.

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