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24 Solar Terms: Things you may not know about the Spring Equinox

2020-03-20 09:00:49

The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides a year into 24 solar terms. The Spring Equinox (Chinese: 春分), as the fourth term of the year starts on March 21 and ends on April 4 this year.

A welcomed return to normalcy

2020-03-20 08:43:39

Bustling Shanghai was a shadow of its former self as many businesses were forced to close and most people worked from home in an attempt to avoid getting infected with COVID-19.

Museums in Shanghai greet visitors once again

2020-03-20 08:11:02

Museums in Shanghai have been reopening as the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to dwindle. Among the cultural institutions that reopened on March 13 were Shanghai Museum, Shanghai History Museum, Shanghai Natural History Museum, China Art Museum Shanghai and the World Expo Museum.

Posters by Chinese consulate illustrate unity to fight virus

2020-03-19 16:39:20

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Consulate General of China in Houston recently launched a series of four posters, respectively themed "A Fight Against COVID-19", "Confidence", "A Challenge to All" and "Joint Efforts".

Traditional Chinese Medicine gaining popularity in Africa amid COVID-19 outbreak

2020-03-19 15:20:59

China has delivered a batch of testing reagents to African countries via Africa CDC and emergency supplies to countries affected, with Chinese medical teams also helping fight the epidemic on the continent.

Chinese folk arts liven up St. Patrick's Day event

2020-03-19 14:42:39

The St. Patrick's Day parade and Irish Music Festival kicked off in Wellington, New Zealand, on Saturday, attracting 300 participants with a lively cross-cultural art performance.

Online classes provide guidance to appreciate art

2020-03-19 11:20:00

Many performances in February and March were canceled in China due to the COVID-19 outbreak.The National Center for the Performing has found other ways to help people in quarantine appreciate art.

Wuhan University invites people to enjoy cherry blossoms online

2020-03-19 11:00:00

On March 16, Wuhan University invited people to enjoy cherry blossoms online.

In old frontiersman's lost horse, we find encouragement

2020-03-19 10:15:39

Long before I ever uttered my first word in Mandarin Chinese, I encountered a story that has helped me redefine how I approach the good and the bad in life-the tale of the old frontiersman's lost horse, or sai weng shi ma.

Cruise industry in US affected by COVID-19

2020-03-18 11:00:00

On March 13, the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) announced that cruise ship operations from and to US ports will be temporarily suspended for 30 days as a result of continued spread of the novel coronavirus.

Over 30 pct of tourist sites reopened in China

2020-03-19 10:10:00

A total of 3,714 tourist sites in 28 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the Chinese mainland had reopened as of Monday, accounting for over 30 pct of the total, an official Wednesday.

As epidemic wanes, cultural sites once again greet visitors

2020-03-19 09:16:36

Before Spring Festival, the outbreak of COVID-19 forced thousands of museums to close their doors.

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