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Fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh dies at 74

2019-09-05 11:00:40

German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh, credited with inventing the concept of the supermodel in the 1980s, has died aged 74, a message on his Instagram account said on Wednesday.

Flavorful Origins trailor: Nanpie

2019-09-05 10:14:50

The people of Yunnan have always been courageous and wise when it comes to discovering the flavors of nature. Nanpie, the name in local Dai dialect for a sauce-like dish made with fresh ingredients and spices, is one such creation.

Chinese acrobats, martial artists perform to mark 70th anniversary of China-Mongolia ties

2019-09-05 10:10:34

A group of acrobats and martial arts masters from North China's Hebei province put on a gala performance here on Wednesday evening to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mongolia.

Northeast Asia food festival held in NE China

2019-09-05 08:52:37

The Northeast Asia Culture Tourism Food Festival opened Tuesday in the border city of Hunchun, northeast China's Jilin Province.

100 bln yuan credit line planned to finance rural tourism

2019-09-05 08:48:49

The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) will extend a line of credit (LOC) up to 100 billion yuan (14.1 billion U.S. dollars) to help villages develop tourism, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said Wednesday.

Commercial alley promoting cultural heritage opens in Beijing

2019-09-05 08:07:48

A commercial alley to promote intangible cultural heritage and ethnic artworks was inaugurated at the 22 International Art Plaza in downtown Beijing on Saturday.

Cinema's warm summer

2019-09-05 07:56:31

After a relatively slow first half, the box office in China is catching up, thanks to a combination of Hollywood and domestic hits, Xu Fan reports.

Classic Peking Opera masterpiece staged in Minsk

2019-09-04 15:39:56

Artists with China National Peking Opera Company perform "Female Generals of the Yang Family", a classic Peking Opera masterpiece, in Minsk, capital of Belarus, Sept 2, 2019.

Chinese symphony orchestra captivates audience in Cairo

2019-09-04 14:50:41

The performance of China's Liaoning Symphony Orchestra wowed Egyptian audience at Cairo Opera House here on Tuesday night in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

Global brands tap Tibet with fashion show

2019-09-04 14:00:00

An international fashion show was held in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet autonomous region, on Tuesday.

Chinese embroidery artworks on display to mark 70th anniversary of ties with Mongolia

2019-09-04 09:02:06

An exhibition of traditional Chinese embroidery artworks is on display at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery here to celebrate the 70th anniversary of China-Mongolia diplomatic ties.

Orchid exhibition held at Beijing horticultural expo

2019-09-04 08:56:52

Nearly 1,000 pots of fine orchids are being exhibited at the International Pavilion of the ongoing Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.

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