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Documentary shows beating heart behind statistics in China's war on poverty

2020-05-14 08:16:11

A poignant and nuanced documentary reveals a rare, behind-the-curtain glimpse of the inner workings of one the most ambitious public policy programs on the planet.

Exhibition of the millennium

2020-05-14 08:07:25

Highly-rated historical dramas have become an additional channel to promote China's glorious past, arousing a great deal of public interest in the events, figures, arts, culture and social norms of the featured periods. The Longest Day in Chang'an, for example, a 2019 suspense drama, brought the zen

Online exhibition showcases splendid Hubei in South Korea

2020-05-13 15:55:23

The China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched an online exhibition on Hubei's natural wonders and cultural heritage, trying to help local people to appreciate the beauty of Hubei in a most convenient way.

Intangible cultural heritage, tourism key to poverty reduction

2020-05-13 15:40:29

Poverty alleviation supported by culture and tourism has been the focus of NPC deputies, CPPCC members, and the general public, said Li Jinzao, vice minister of Chinese culture and tourism, at a routine policy briefing by the State Council on Saturday.

The Great Wall mystery solved

2020-05-13 07:59:28

Award-winning new book with eye-catching graphics answers key questions and shows the iconic monument in a manner that is easily digested, Li Yingxue reports.

The wind of change

2020-05-13 07:59:56

Traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, is enjoying a popular revival thanks to the power of social media, Chen Nan reports.

A storyline of success

2020-05-13 07:58:58

Audiobooks enjoy surge in popularity as their readers make their voices heard, Wang Ru reports.

Theaters adapt to dramatic change of scene

2020-05-13 06:49:50

Audiences warm to online shows as venues remain closed

Chinese bamboo culture delights Fijians

2020-05-12 13:36:40

The China Cultural Center in Fiji has recently put a photo exhibition on its new media platforms highlighting bamboo, a plant that has played a significant role in Chinese culture and people's daily lives since ancient times.

Chinese embassy to Pakistan sends health packages to students

2020-05-12 13:28:47

On May 9, the Chinese embassy to Pakistan sent health packages to Chinese students in the country. This is the second time the embassy provided the students with necessities to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

Drama rekindles interest in Chinese Renaissance

2020-05-12 11:09:16

Serenade of Peaceful Joy (Qing Ping Yue), a historical TV drama about the life of an emperor of the Song Dynasty (960-1279), has become an unexpected hit among viewers of the Chinese mainland.

Cracking the 'hummus code' in a healthy tradition at home

2020-05-12 09:38:12

As a longtime vegan enamored with many meat-free Middle Eastern dishes, which are much harder to find in restaurants in China, I made a powerful discovery in my own kitchen recently: I had finally cracked the "hummus code".

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