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Remembering Tagore on his birth anniversary

2020-05-12 09:29:54

A micro-documentary that went online on Friday showed students and scholars from various cities in China singing in Bengali and Indian students and academics doing the same in Mandarin. They were marking the 159th birth anniversary of the poet Rabindranath Tagore and the 70th anniversary of the esta

Seventy-six days and counting

2020-05-12 09:18:29

Arnauld Miguet and Gaël Caron of France Télévisions were among the only Western journalists in Wuhan during the entire 76-day city lockdown. Miguet, Beijing-based head of the station's Asia bureau, shares his first post-lockdown interview with CDLP.

Up to the job

2020-05-12 08:56:28

Kishore Mahbubani insists Western commentary on China fails to acknowledge that Chinese people are experiencing the biggest rise in their living standards in the past 4,000 years.

China tourism culture weeks 2020 launched online in UK

2020-05-12 08:52:20

A comprehensive Chinese culture and tourism promotion program "China Weeks: When Culture and Tourism Blend" has been launched online in Britain, offering Britons under the COVID-19 lockdown a closer look at the Chinese culture at home.

Discovered ruins point to older civilization

2020-05-12 08:31:48

Archaeologists recently unveiled newly discovered city ruins in Central China, which reveal an ancient state dating back 5,300 years.

National Art Museum of China to reopen with daily cap of visitors

2020-05-12 08:23:51

The National Art Museum of China will reopen from Wednesday with a daily cap of 500 visitors, as the country is opening up its public venues in an orderly manner after the coronavirus epidemic eases.

Looking at eyes in the skies

2020-05-12 08:20:34

Lush grasslands. Snowy fields. A small workshop. The Great Wall.

Cultural connection vital amid coronavirus lockdown, says Du Fu documentary creator

2020-05-12 08:14:27

- British historian and TV presenter Michael Wood has said he is delighted to see that his newly released documentary about Du Fu, a prolific Chinese poet in Tang dynasty, has helped boost cultural understanding between different cultures especially during the novel coronavirus lockdown when mutual

A brewing recovery

2020-05-12 08:07:18

Tea farmers have literally received a helping hand-make that several-during the spring tea harvest amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Visiting Beijing online launched in Mauritius

2020-05-11 15:00:53

The China Cultural Center in Mauritius recently launched a series of online exhibitions and film shows about Beijing.

Thai host teaches Mandarin online in Bangkok

2020-05-11 11:18:48

On May 10, the China Cultural Center in Bangkok launched an online Mandarin class on Facebook, Line, WeChat and other social media platforms.

Beijing W-town welcomes international guests

2020-05-11 10:29:14

More than 30 international guests paid a visit to W-town in Beijing’s Miyun district on May 9.

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